MAFS fans slam Jayden's 'unhinged' move after breakup with Eden

The MAFS groom has posted a series of Instagram images that has left fans baffled.

Married At First Sight groom Jayden Eynaud has uploaded a confusing series of images on Instagram featuring ex-girlfriend Eden Harper's dog Cub.

The couple found love on the 2024 season of Married At First Sight, but broke up earlier in the year, with Eden previously telling Yahoo Lifestyle that the breakup was "completely out of the blue".

The news of the split came after Jayden was spotted on a wild night out with other MAFS co-stars without Eden in sight, causing fans to label the groom's behaviour as 'embarrassing'.

On Instagram last night, Jayden uploaded a series of images with Eden's dog Cub, with the caption "custody weekend with Cub" — and while comments have been turned off on Instagram until the MAFS stars get their accounts back, fans have been speculating on another MAFS account that the caption and images don't line up to reality, calling the groom out on @MAFSUncensored.

Jayden poses with Eden's dog Cub. Photo:
Jayden poses with Eden's dog Cub. Photo:

MAFS' Eden speaks out: 'Not sure what that post is about'

Instagram account MAFSuncensored posted the images, citing a source told them Jayden and Eden haven't spoken since the Nova dinner party that occurred a week before the finale of MAFS aired.

In Yahoo Lifestyle's last interview with Eden, she said she was no longer in contact with Jayden, and he hadn't replied to her last message from weeks ago. After reaching out to Eden again about Jayden's photos with Cub, she simply said, "Nothing has changed since our last interview... myself & Cub have had no communication with Jayden."

Eden and Cub. Photo:
Eden and Cub. Photo:

On TikTok, the MAFS bride has also left a telling comment under one of her own videos of Cub, replying to a fan who was confused about Jayden's post.


"Cub is my dog," Eden said. "He hasn't seen (or tried to see) Cub since the Nova event just after we split, so not sure what that post is about."

Eden stated Jayden has not seen Cub since they've split. Photo:
Eden stated Jayden has not seen Cub since they've split. Photo:

Fans slam Jayden's post: 'A bit unhinged'

MAFS fans have let their feelings be known on the MAFSUncensored Instagram post, where the fan page questioned if it was a "ploy to make it look like the exes are on speaking terms".

"He’s realised no one [gave a f***] about him without Eden," one person said. "He's coming across a bit unhinged," another commented.

There were many calls to leave Cub out of the mess too, and fans also pointed out in the photos that Jayden had a beard in one photo, and not in the other proving that the photos weren't taken on the same weekend.

"It's a bloody power trip for him!! Cub shouldn't even get a mention considering it's NOT even his dog!! Get over yourself Jayden and go seek attention somewhere else and leave Cub out of this," one person said.


"Weirdly possessive. That dog is grown, leave him out of it," another commented.

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