MAFS' Jack Dunkley called out after intimacy week: 'What is wrong with you?'

"Yep, this is a real 50 Shades of Grey-type scenario between Jack and Tori."

Jack Dunkley hasn't exactly been warmly accepted by the Australian public, with the MAFS groom rubbing audiences the wrong way with his "alpha" male attitude.

While there was a lot of chat from Jack in the lead-up to his marriage to Tori Adams about his large sexual appetite, the two have been yet to consummate their relationship on the show — not even during intimacy week, a week designed to bring the couples in alignment physically and emotionally.

After Jack and Tori were gifted the '5-minute make out' task, Jack put some firm rules down that he'd only do it for two minutes before he and Tori jumped on the bed to start their kissing sesh. Except MAFS fans couldn't help but notice one small detail about Jack that left them with the ick (and no, it wasn't about the golden showers).

MAFS' Tori and Jack
Tori and Jack during intimacy week on MAFS. Photo: Nine

"Nothing says sexy more than keeping your shoes on in bed," one person tweeted.



"Shoes on in the bed. Fully clothed. Wearing jeans. Yep this is a real 50 Shades of Grey-type scenario between Jack and Tori," another joked.

'Feel so sorry for her'

Others pointed out how quickly Jack vacated the bed after the two-minute make out session ended.

"He got off that bed so quick. Adios," one person commented on Instagram. "I was like OMG this guy couldn’t get out of bed fast enough," another agreed.

Some MAFS fans also felt sympathy for Tori watching the scene back.

"That's going to be hard for her to watch back yikes," one person said. "Please ladies, don’t be blinded by infatuation when the facts are right in front of you," another said. "Everyone around you can’t be wrong."

"I feel so sorry for her. You can tell she is 150% head over heels for this guy and he just doesn't give two f***s!" another commented.

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