MAFS' Jesse reveals exactly how much he was paid on the show

The season 10 groom has shared details about his experience during an Instagram Q&A.

Married At First Sight’s Jesse Burford has revealed exactly how much money this year’s cast members were paid to appear on the Channel Nine reality show.

The 30-year-old marriage celebrant, who recently sparked rumours he is now dating his co-star Janelle Han, took to his Instagram Stories on Monday evening to answer a number of questions from his followers.

MAFS' Jesse at a dinner party.
MAFS’ Jesse Burford has revealed how much money he was paid on the show. Photo: Channel Nine

When asked to share details about his pay cheque, Jesse claimed that each participant was paid “$1,175 each week” during filming, which took place over a few months in Sydney.

This figure is slightly higher than what the season nine cast members were reportedly paid, with Olivia Frazer revealing during an Instagram Q&A last year that she and her co-stars were paid “$1,100 per week”.


Meanwhile, fellow bride Domenica Calarco went live on TikTok after her season finished airing on TV last year and said she was paid “$150 a day”.

She also appeared on The Kyle & Jackie O Show at the time to argue she did not get paid enough for what she went through and her salary was “about minimum wage”.

MAFS season 10 cast at a dinner party.
Jesse shared that the cast had to ‘provide their own wardrobe at their own expense’. Photo: Channel Nine

Wardrobe secret

During Jesse’s Q&A, the Perth-based groom revealed that the entire cast had to “provide their own wardrobe at their own expense”.

This comes after season 10 bride Tahnee Cook told Yahoo Lifestyle at Australian Fashion Week that it was “so stressful” preparing outfits for the show because every look had to be approved by producers.

“So you have multiple options and then say someone else is wearing pink, you can't wear the same pink and it's like, drama!” she said. “There were so many arguments being like, ‘Well I want to wear this colour tonight, this is the only thing I have!’.

“I think that’s one thing people don't realise going onto the show is you've got to be super prepared when it comes to wardrobe because you have to do it all yourself, it's all your own stuff. So yeah, that was a lot, but I think I did ok!”

She added that she was “constantly” ordering new outfits while filming the show to make sure she looked her best.

“Some stuff I was like, ‘Nope, not good enough, gotta get something better, gotta get a bit more bougie,” she shared. “I was constantly just trying new stuff out.

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