MAFS: Resurfaced photos of Jack Dunkley shocks fans

It's not just a phase, mum.

Married At First Sight's Jack Dunkley has been going viral online for reasons unrelated to his dinner party antics, this time for some throwback photos showing the groom going through what appears to be an 'emo' stage.

The photos, which have circulated on sites like TikTok and Reddit for the last couple of weeks and were taken from Jack's Star now profile, show the self-confessed alpha male sporting hair that looks fresh from a 2005 Panic! At The Disco music video as he poses in all-black, with the look complete with a loosely knotted tie, 2002 Avril Lavigne style.

Another photo shows Jack utilising the stereotypical MySpace photo angle (if you know, you know) as he sports a couple of different beanies over his carefully ironed locks.

He's also seen smiling for some headshots against a white space, looking like he'd be the suitable 4th member of Aussie pop-punk band Short Stack. Turns out it wasn't just a phase, mum.

Jack Dunkley emo era mafs
Jack Dunkley also fell victim to the '00s emo era. Photo:

MAFS fans on Reddit couldn't help but poke some light-hearted fun at the personal trainer.

"He really jumped on the emo bandwagon probably like… seven years too late," one person commented.

"He looks like he was the lead singer of a Creed tribute act," another joked. "Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for youuuu," another person wrote, in reference to emo band Secondhand Serenade's song 'Fall For You'. "I just instantly got ‘Emo Kid’ stuck in my head," another person said, referencing a '00s parody song about the emo subculture.

MAFS Jack Dunkley in striped beanie
MAFS Jack Dunkley looks very different on his Star Now profile. Photo:


"18-year-old me so would have been obsessed," one person said. "I definitely would have uploaded a cryptic status on my MSN name and MySpace page for emo Jack. He would have absolutely been my type back then."

MAFS' Jack Dunkley
MAFS' Jack Dunkley. Photo: Nine

"These just made my day!" another person said.

Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to Channel Nine to see if we could get a comment from Jack about whether emo really is just a phase (it isn't, just in case MY mum is reading this) but we're yet to hear back.

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