MAFS reunion: Janelle reveals explosive unseen moment with Adam

EXCLUSIVE: Janelle spills on the conversation viewers didn't see on TV.

This year’s season of Married At First Sight was filled with plenty of scandals, bombshells and explosive moments, but it turns out viewers didn’t get to see all of the drama that unfolded during filming.

Janelle Han revealed during Yahoo’s All-Star MAFS Reunion that she and her on-screen ‘husband’ Adam Seed, who cheated on her in the experiment with fellow bride Claire Nomarhas, had a fiery exchange at the final dinner party that wasn’t aired on TV.

MAFS’ Janelle at Yahoo looking shocked / Adam and Janelle.
MAFS’ Janelle reveals there was a moment between herself and Adam at the reunion that was cut. Photos: Yahoo / Channel Nine

“I reckon not even half of the drama that happened at the reunion showed,” Janelle shared.

“There was definitely a moment at the reunion where Adam tried to apologise to me. On paper, it was a good apology, but I didn't want to forgive someone if they weren't apologetic for the right thing. So when I tried to clarify his apology, it just came back with the same defensiveness and a whole new layer of excuses.

“I was just like, this man still to this day can't give me an apology. I want to forgive him, but it's hard to forgive someone when they don't take accountability.”


Janelle went on to say that she “wasn’t surprised” the conversation wasn't shown on-air, and she also understands why she and Adam didn’t speak with the experts during the final episode.

“Nothing new had happened,” she said. “Adam didn't have any new revelations and accountability, I wasn't going to forgive him, so the story was done.”

'Wasn't in the mood'

Evelyn Ellis, who also had minimal screen time during the show’s finale, explained that she wasn’t shown as much as the other cast members because she simply didn’t want to be a part of any drama.

“During the dinner party, I had just come back from holidays so I just really wasn't in the mood,” she said during Yahoo’s All-Star MAFS Reunion.

“You know what happens at the dinner parties. Everyone’s speaking over each other, it’s a bit hectic, everyone's coming back with a vengeance to get their last say in and say their last two pieces, and I just wasn't in the mood to say anything.

“I didn't want to, so that's probably why [I wasn’t shown]. I just kind of chilled.”

MAFS’ Evelyn at Yahoo / Evelyn at the final dinner party.
Evelyn says she wasn’t featured heavily in the reunion episodes because she ‘wasn’t in the mood’ for drama. Photo: Yahoo / Channel Nine

'This is a really different world'

Speaking about how they’ve been navigating their lives post-MAFS, Janelle shared that she has “healed properly” and moved on from Adam and is enjoying her newfound level of fame.

“I think the weird part is getting recognised, it’s so wild,” she described.

“I went to the Easter Show and probably every five minutes people were coming up and taking photos of us, and I think that's something you don't really realise is going to happen until it happens and you're just like, this is a really different world.”

Meanwhile, former Big Brother UK star Evelyn said she feels as though her life has “gone back to normal” since MAFS ended.

“I think the only real difference is seeing my head on the internet every second TikTok,” she joked. “Like, ‘Oh that’s me, there I am again being angry on the internet!’.”

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