MAFS spoiler: Are Richard and Andrea still together?

EXCLUSIVE: An insider has spilled whether the new fan-favourite couple weathered the MAFS storm.

Last night's episode of Married at First Sight saw MAFS' oldest-ever groom, Richard Sauerman, 62, wed new wife Andrea Thompson, 51.

With the two immediately hitting it off and sparks flying, their early love story had fans quite invested in where things could be heading.

While it's still early days, the besotted pair won fans over with their romantic wedding day, as well as their respective children hitting it off at the reception.

"I know I shouldn't get my hopes up but really wanting a happy ending for Andrea and Richard.....please!" one fan Tweeted.

Andrea and Richard MAFS
Andrea and Richard hit it off at their wedding, but are they still together? Photo: Nine

"I'm not going to cope if Richard and Andrea don't work out.." another said.

While we all desperately hope the experts have gotten it right, well, don't read on unless you want a massive spoiler.

Seriously, we've warned you.

Are Richard and Andrea still together?

Unfortunately for Richard and Andrea fans, an insider has told Yahoo Lifestyle that the two are no longer together post-experiment.

"They're no longer a couple," they said, going on to to say the pair haven't "really kept in touch" post-filming the show.


It also appears Andrea is not following Richard on Instagram on his non-MAFS account that he uses for his motivational speaking work, another hint that things may not have worked out between the pair... however he is still following Andrea.

Andrea and Richard on MAFS wedding day
Sparks flew between Richard and Andrea on their wedding day. Photo: Nine

While there was no further information as to how long the two last in the experiment, expert Alessandra Rampolla told Yahoo Lifestyle before the season premiered that adding an older couple to the experiment brought a new perspective to the show.

"Watching them go through the experience is really interesting," she said. "Being able to see an older, more mature couple perhaps handle conflict differently in ways that may be helpful to others, and having an older couple learn from younger generations and how they view relationships can be very positive and useful. It's a fresh perspective into relationship dynamics."

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