MAFS stars reject Dom and Ella's invite to appear on podcast

After a controversial week, a source has told Yahoo Lifestyle that Lauren Dunn and Sara Mesa have rejected to sit down with Sit With Us.

Ella Ding, Lauren Dunn and Sara Mesa, and Dom Calcarco
MAFS stars Lauren Dunn and Sara Mesa have rejected an offer to appear on Dom and Ella's podcast Sit With Us. Photo:

Former MAFS stars Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding found themselves in hot water recently after their interview with controversial MAFS groom Jack Dunkley went viral for all the wrong reasons.

The backlash came after the Sit With Us hosts talked to Jack about his controversial "muzzle your woman" comment, with Dom and Ella saying Jack was "being pushed" by Lauren Dunn (who the comment was directed to) in that moment.

"And they [producers] knew that," Dom said. "They would always put her right in front of you. It makes for amazing dinner parties." "Credit to Lauren," Jack said, as Ella called it "great entertainment for us, but not for you guys."

While the blame was thrown back on the producers and Lauren for "pushing" Jack, there wasn't any mention of the misogyny behind the comment from Jack, and people were quick to call out Dom and Ella for giving Jack a platform, with Abbie Chatfield calling the interview awful.


"This is really worrying. Particularly in the current climate, this is really incredibly awful. I feel a bit sick to be honest, girls. I’d take this episode down if I were you, apologise, and try to educate yourselves on the inner workings on patriarchy and how you have upheld it in this interview. I actually feel sick," Abbie said.

Dom and Abbie
Abbie Chatfield slammed Dom and Ella's interview with Jack. Photo:

Since the backlash, Dom and Ella have released an episode addressing the controversy.

"We were always going to address this, people were frustrated and upset that we didn't address it right at the moment," Dom said. "I do not support domestic violence, I do not support misogyny. There has been a lot of this language used towards us, and I wanted to say that."

Fans aren't happy with Dom and Ella excusing Jack's behaviour. Photo:
Fans aren't happy with Dom and Ella excusing Jack's behaviour. Photo:

Ella then said it was "very silly' for anyone to assume the two "supported" domestic violence or misogyny. "Yes, we may have stumbled, but we strongly push back on the horrendous comments that we are anti-feminist and perpetuating domestic violence in this country," Dom continued. "I now understand by having Jack on the podcast, people are upset because it potentially had shown that we weren't supportive of women because we platformed him, and that's never what we wanted to be putting across

"For making people feel uncomfortable, or for triggering them for having Jack on, I apologise," Dom said. "We never wanted to offend or hurt people by having him on the podcast."


The podcast episode didn't include a direct apology to Lauren, however after a source told Yahoo Lifestyle that the Sit With Us podcast had reached out to Lauren and Sara to appear on their podcast to share their side of the MAFS story, now that both their exes have appeared on the show.

In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, Lauren's rep said she and Sara weren't interested in appearing on Sit With Us in the future.

"Lauren and Sara aren’t willing to converse with anyone who victim blame, bully or mock anyone else. That is not something either of them want to be associated with," they said.

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