MAFS' Stephen reveals the surprising person with the worst edit from this season

It's not the groom you'd think...

Married At First Sight intruder Stephen Stewart may not have found love on the show, but he did get to witness a lot of drama between the other couples who had been in the experiment a lot longer than him.

Stephen unfortunately didn't find a spark with his partner Michael Felix, but he did get an insight into the other couples and the behind-the-scenes drama at a few dinner parties, commitment ceremonies and the couples retreat.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle's podcast Behind The Edit, Stephen revealed there was one particular groom whose edit on the show hasn't been entirely accurate... and the answer may surprise you.

MAFS' Stephen, Jack and Tori, Jono and Lauren
MAFS' Stephen also spoke about who had strong connections on the show. Photo: Nine

"It's not at all who you'd think," Stephen said when asked by Yahoo Lifestyle if he thought anyone copped an unfair edit.


"Jono has copped a very different edit and just in the sense of removing context. So everyone I've spoken to about Jono thinks that's he a very meek, quiet person but he was probably one of the most vocal males at those dinner parties. He was very opinionated, he was very calm in addressing those opinions, so the poor guy has lost a whole portion of his personality."

MAFS intruder Stephen said Jono didn't have the most accurate edit. Photo: Nine
MAFS intruder Stephen said Jono didn't have the most accurate edit. Photo: Nine

"That's definitely something I watch, and being at those dinner parties the ones I was there for, I remember, like, 'OK now Jono is going to step in and say something' and it just wouldn't happen, poor guy," Stephen laughed.


"I think the majority of the cast have got an accurate edit, it's like heightened versions of what they actually were," Stephen said.

Stephen also touched on the strongest relationships that he saw on the show.

"Everyone's wavered," he said. "There's no such thing as a perfect, strong relationship. It went in waves. Eden and Jayden are a really strong couple, but like everyone's witnessing right now, they have issues like everyone does. Jade and Ridge are in a really good place, and are really strong," he continued.

MAFS' Jono and Stephen in Perth
MAFS' Jono and Stephen. Photo: Nine

"I think Timothy and Lucinda. It's not a relationship in the sense of boyfriend and girlfriend, but the relationship they have with each other even to date, is incredible. The support they have for each other and that relationship they've made, I think they'll carry that through the rest of their lives. There really is genuine love there from the two of them."

Listen to Stephen's full interview with Behind The Edit here.

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