MAFS' Timothy defends Jono after cheating allegations: 'I read the messages'

Timothy said a lot of the cast kept in touch after they left the show due to 'trauma bonds'.

Married At First Sight's Timothy Smith has defended fellow groom Jono McCullough after it was revealed that he had been messaging former bride Ellie Dix behind Lauren Dunn's back.

The bombshell was dropped by Tori Adams during the last MAFS commitment ceremony, with Jono then showing Lauren the series of messages between him and Ellie, with Lauren saying there were at least one hundred messages there.

Jono denied having feelings for Ellie (more on that later) and said he can been keeping in touch with numerous people who had left the show, including Tristan and Stephen.

Now Timothy Smith, who left at the last commitment ceremony, has stepped in to defend Jono against the cheating allegations.

Lauren and Jono on MAFS
Lauren and Jono at the last MAFS dinner party. Photo: Nine

Appearing on Bronte & Lakey for Breakfast, Timothy said:

"I am going to defend my good buddy Jono a bit here," Timothy said. "I'm going to give you a bit of tea. I read all those messages, he didn’t delete any of the messages.”


"In all respect, he called me, I called Ellie, I called Stephen, when people go off the show, they want to stay in touch. You went through all this trauma together, that's how you bond. So look, I'm going to defend it a little bit," he continued.

Timothy opens up to Lucinda. Photo: Nine
Timothy opens up to Lucinda. Photo: Nine

"But I'll tell you what's actually really got me fired up, was old hair bun dude Jacky boy and Tori. If I never have to see another nipple at a dinner party, it will be too soon," Timothy laughed.

Jono and Ellie's 'affair' timeline revealed

Yahoo Lifestyle obtained a production timeline of Jono and Ellie's relationship - with the pair still insisting they “did nothing wrong” despite plenty of their co-stars thinking otherwise.

You can view the complete timeline here, but it is believed Jono and Lauren broke up at final vows, which was filmed on October 18, with Ellie and Jono then walking in hand-in-hand at the MAFS reunion which was filmed on November 11.

MAFS' Ellie and Jono at her work Christmas party
MAFS' Ellie and Jono at her work Christmas party. Photo:

Jono reportedly did not give Lauren a heads-up beforehand, leaving her feeling more betrayed and humiliated.


On December 23 last year, Jono joined Ellie at her work Christmas party and they posed for pictures shared to her work's Instagram page - making no secret that they're now together, despite their contractual obligations to the show.

In February of this year, not long after the show started airing, paparazzi pictures believed to have been staged by Ellie and Jono were published online showing them kissing on a beach in Sydney.

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