MAFS: Truth behind Sara's relationship with her ex after 'cheating scandal'

EXCLUSIVE: There was plenty of context that was missing from Wednesday night's episode.

All eyes were on Married At First Sight’s Sara Mesa during Wednesday night’s dinner party when she was exposed for meeting up with her ex-boyfriend behind her partner Tim Calwell’s back.

Tim was understandably blindsided by the revelation and felt like she had broken his trust, and Sara’s co-stars immediately accused her of cheating on him with her ex.

MAFS’ Tim Calwell and Sara Mesa.
MAFS’ Sara Mesa was exposed for meeting up with her ex behind Tim Calwell’s back. Photo: Channel Nine

Sara eventually explained her side of the story to the group and asserted that she and her ex only caught up for a few drinks and their relationship is purely platonic.

“I didn’t want to tell Tim that because I didn’t want him to feel insecure,” she shared. “Tim has had issues with his ex cheating on him and I didn’t want him to think anything of it.

“Look, I haven’t had a relationship in years so I haven’t had to deal with telling a partner certain things.”


While viewers have criticised Sara on social media following the episode, there was plenty of context about her relationship with her ex that never aired on TV.

“The backstory that they didn’t show was that Sara and her ex have the same friend group,” an insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “She met him within a year of when she moved to Australia so her whole life in Sydney was built around him, and all of his friends became her friends.

“He doesn’t live in Sydney anymore so she doesn’t see him that often, but they do run into each other when he comes back because they share the same friends.”

MAFS’ Sara Mesa.
Sara asserted that she and her ex only caught up for a few drinks. Photo: Channel Nine

MAFS cast slams Sara's actions

Sara’s MAFS co-stars were very vocal with their criticism during the episode, particularly over the fact that she had lied to Tim.

Jack Dunkley said there was “no excuse” for seeing an ex behind your partner’s back, while Ridge Barredo commented that their meet-up “doesn’t seem so innocent”.

“She lied to Tim and betrayed his trust and it’s not good enough. He deserves better,” Jono McCullough said in his piece-to-camera interview.

“That lady has been playing Tim like a fool, lying is her second language,” Cassandra Allen remarked. “She is just fake.”

Meanwhile, Andrea Thompson encouraged Sara to write ‘leave’ at the upcoming commitment ceremony.

“It’s just bulls**t,” she said. “We’re all here and we’re trying to work on our relationships. Like, piss off.”

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