Illegal act at tourist hotspot targeted by council 'blitz'

Several travellers copped fines for illegally camping in public car parks in Noosa over the weekend as the crackdown continues.

Almost 20 tourists visiting one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations have been slapped with hefty fines as local authorities continue their illegal camping “blitz”.

Last weekend, Noosa Council parking officers patrolled popular hotspots in an effort to crack down on visitors using public car parks as campsites, resulting in 11 infringements and 7 warnings.

Left, a Noosa Council no free camping sign .Right, tourists illegally camping in a public Noosa car park.
Noosa Council is continuing its illegal camping crackdown against tourists. Source: Facebook/Noosa Council

Just days before, Queensland Police, who are assisting, handed out another six parking fines — which vary from $77 to $116 depending on the offence, and $309 for illegal camping — and nine warnings at various locations.

The Noosa Spit car park near the Sunshine Coast’s Noosa Heads main beach has been trialling strict rules against parking there between the hours of 10pm and 4am since August last year.

Locals fed up with tourists' behaviour

Council’s Director of Development and Regulation Richard MacGillivray said on Wednesday the restrictions “will remain in place while Council considers broader enforcement options to regulate camping and parking in these areas”.

A car park in Noosa filled with tourists' campervans (left) and an overview of Noosa Heads beach (right).
Last week, a car park in Noosa came under fire for tourists repeatedly break the law. Source: Facebook/Getty

Locals are fed up with tourists monopolising spots and leaving behind rubbish, he continued, explaining that Council will soon implement tow-away zones in high demand parking areas like the entrance to the Noosa National Park.

“So far this year Council has responded to 84 complaints from residents regarding illegal camping,” Mr MacGillivray said. “As always, we continue to take a common-sense approach. People living in cars due to housing issues are not the target of our enforcement efforts.”

Those in need of services will be provided with support, he added

Locals continue to argue over illegal act

Locals remain bitterly divided over the parking restrictions, prompting fiery debates online. Earlier this week a woman posted a photo on Facebook of one of the council’s signs.

“No free camping,” it reads. “No free overnight/stays on any public land across Noosa Shire.”

The Noosa car park is seen filled with vehicles late at night.
Locals remain bitterly divided over the parking restrictions, with some calling them 'unfriendly'. Source: Facebook

While some residents declared “it’s about time”, others argued it made them “feel sad for kids travelling today”.

“Well maybe if all the ‘campers’ cleaned up after themselves, this might not be the case,” one man said. “How unfriendly,” a woman commented.

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