Malika Haqq: Fame is overwhelming

Malika Haqq finds fame "highly overwhelming".
The 36-year-old model juggles her career alongside appearing on 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' with her best friend Khloe Kardashian, and has said life in the spotlight can be a struggle, especially when she also battles anxiety.
She said: "Anyone who truly does have anxiety knows that it's a problem. The majority of our issues start in our head and the way we think about things ... but real stresses in life they're not really going to go away. It's the way you process them and why not have a natural solution to help you deal with it.
"I'm constantly dealing with like - and this is not a complaint it's a blessing - to be dealing with deals and contracts and a thousand personalities when you're around productions all the time. Those things can become highly overwhelming and because I'm always in a very busy setting that continues to change I'm often very anxiety stricken."
Malika sees a therapist for her anxiety, and has said there's no shame in getting "additional help" for mental health.
She added: "I've had a therapist since I was a child. Not the same one, but I've always been into realising if there's a problem there is a solution, so I think taking care of yourself mind, body and soul is a very big deal. It's something I'm huge on, and I also believe no matter how much people tell you to breathe and count to 10 sometimes you do need additional help."
And although her therapist has helped her, the beauty also says life as an adult has taught her how to cope with common life issues, including negativity on social media.
She told Page Six: "What I know as an adult is there's nothing that you do that will not come with a peak and a pit, a high and a low, a positive and a negative. I treat social media the same way I treat anything else in my life - I don't have to take it to bed with me at night, and I literally only place the amount of energy into it that I truly need to get out of it.
"If I'm not putting negative into it, I'm really not taking the negative with me. You hear it, you see it, but that's life."