Man charged with killing father after showing off his 'decapitated head' in YouTube video

A smiling mugshot has been released of a man who allegedly killed his father before showing his severed head in a YouTube video.

Warning - The article contains details of a graphic nature

Justin Mohn, 32, from Pennsylvania, has been charged with first-degree murder and abusing a corpse after police found his father decapitated in the bathroom of his home in Bucks County on Tuesday night.

In the YouTube clip, Mohn is seen wearing gloves and holding his father's head in a plastic bag. Later in the video, the head can be seen in a cooking pot. The video has since been taken down.

Mohn then denounced his father as a traitor for being a longstanding US government employee, and called for the death of all federal officials, NBC News reported.

It added that Mohn espoused right-wing conspiracy theories and spouted them in the 14-minute-long video which was removed because of "strict policies prohibiting graphic violence and violent extremism", according to a YouTube statement.

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Authorities are investigating the video.

Mohn was reportedly very active on social media, where he promoted his self-released music and books, including dystopian science-fiction.

Police said he was arrested about 100 miles away in Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania.

Captain Pete Feeney of the Middletown Township Police Department said: "We didn't know where he was going and what his intentions were when he left here."

"Fortunately, we were able to get a location based on his cellphone."

Police took him into custody, Mr Feeney said.

Mohn was also charged with possessing an instrument of crime with intent.

He was denied bail and is scheduled for a hearing on 8 February.