Man slammed over 'ridiculous' note to server on restaurant bill

People responded saying hospitality staff already have it hard enough.

A diner is being criticised over what has been described as a "lame" reason for not giving a tip when out for dinner with his wife.

The man explained that after he finished eating with his partner the bill came to a total of US$65.80 (A$101). But instead of leaving a 15 per cent tip, as is standard procedure in the US, he refused.

A handwritten note is seen beside a dinner receipt.
Man labelled 'ridiculous' over bizarre tip note on restaurant receipt. Source: Reddit.

Handwriting a message on the receipt, rather than simply opting to omit the tip, the man said he felt the service was undeserving of a tip due to the fact the waiter had "rudely" asked the couple if they wanted to split the bill.

"No tip because it was very rude to ask my wife and I if we wanted separate checks????" he wrote in pen.

Note mocked online

The receipt was subsequently uploaded to the 'Mildly Infuriating' Reddit thread where it attracted an onslaught of criticism over the "egotistical" reason behind his "ridiculous" and "laughable" act.

"Looks like he wrote it with the pen gripped in his whole fist," a person wrote. "Chances are they weren't gonna tip anyways and found some lame ass excuse," another user said. "Haha, no we're married, one check is fine. Is that really so hard?" said another.

A generic image of a male restaurant employee.
The man's note explaining his reason for "no tip" attracted a heap of criticism. Source: Getty.

Hospitality staff owed higher pay

Others called for a pay increase in the hospitality sector, so servers like waiters and bar staff aren't reliant on tipping.

"Imagine if restaurants paid their employees and they didn’t have to rely on the kindness of asshats," a Reddit user said.

Earlier this month, the owners of a funky Melbourne rooftop restaurant responded after a particularly outrageous dinner receipt shocked a patron, who went on to lodge a complaint with the venue.

The docket from The Cornish Arms lists a $12 glass of Pino Grigio, with a savage note from waitstaff below that reads: "Ice in it f**ken bogans".

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