Margot Robbie's life unchanged by marriage

Margot Robbie's life hasn't changed since she got married.

The 29-year-old actress wed director Tom Ackerley three years ago, and while their relationship is "great", she doesn't think tying the knot has affected their lives at all.

She said: "I love being married. Married life is great but not too much has changed.

"When Tom and I met, we were best friends and we were roommates.

"Now we're married but we're still best friends and roommates, so it's pretty much the same."

The couple also share their bed with the 'Bombshell' star's favourite childhood toy - which her husband finds "super weird".

She confessed: "Embarrassingly enough, I still have a bunny that was given to me when I was born.

"Bunny Honey is her name, because when you're young you get really creative with names.

"She's the same age as me and she has to come with me everywhere.

"I still sleep with Bunny Honey, which my husband obviously thinks is super weird."

Margot herself has been turned into a toy, with the 'Suicide Squad' Harley Quinn action figure and although she thinks it's an "honour", it was still a "bizarre" concept when the actress was first told about the plans for her miniature replica.

She added to OK! Magazine: "It was quite mind-boggling when they said they were making a Harley Quinn action figure.

"That was really bizarre for me.

"Most of the time, we see guy characters as action figures, but it's great that we have a female there too.

"It's cool and it's a great honour to play a female character like that."