Margot Robbie Just Transformed Into A High-Fashion Cowgirl

margot robbie cowgirl
Margot Robbie Is Now A Cowgirl?!Lisa Maree Williams - Getty Images

Barbie fever has been building for some time now, and we are totally here for it. Ahead of the much-anticipated release of Greta Gerwig's new Barbie film (it hits UK cinemas on July 21st, and yes, we're counting down the days), celebs including Anne Hathaway, Priyanka Chopra, Lizzo and Florence Pugh have been spotted out and about sporting the hot pink trend; home accessories have been having a serious #Barbiecore moment, and even some of the world's biggest fashion brands have dedicated entire collections to the doll-inspired shade (Valentino, we're looking at you).

Then, of course, there were *those* epic Barbie- and Ken-worthy looks from Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling (who play the film's protagonists) as they kicked off the Barbie press tour last month at CinemaCon. But one thing we *really* weren't expecting to see anytime soon? Margot Robbie dressed as a full-on cowgirl. No, we're not joking. Have a look for yourselves...

For context, Margot didn't just one day decide to hang up her acting boots, hop on a horse and pick up a lasso instead (now wouldn't THAT be a turn of events?!). Instead, the actor's seriously rodeo-ready worthy look was shot as part of her cover story for the new #Barbiecore inspired summer issue of Vogue.

Margot's epic Western-inspired 'fit consists of a rhinestone star cowboy hat by Kelsey Randall, a checked shirt and tasselled jacket look by Margiela, a brown leather belt from Kate Cate and sparkly silver heels in the place of traditional cowboy boots. It is Barbie, after all!

And that's not the only transformation she underwent for the Vogue shoot, either. The magazine posted more photos from the issue on Instagram, in which Margot has been turned into everything from an astronaut (in a pink spaceship, obvs) and a Sixties-inspired flower power roller girl to a Chanel tweed-clad presidential candidate with bleach-blonde hair. We'd vote for Margot in a heartbeat, TBH.

As for the cover itself, Margot is back to her more toned-down self, posing in a chic pink satin gown with floral embellishments by Versace, above a headline that reads: 'The summer of Barbie'. We couldn't agree more.

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