Margot Robbie's Micro French Manicure Is The Epitome Of Quiet Luxury

margot robbie blue vintage versace dress
Margot Robbie Nails The Micro French ManicureGetty Images

Margot Robbie's blink and you'll miss it manicure for the Governors Awards just confirmed one of my 2024 nail predictions. The megastar at first appeared to have a perfectly glossy bare nail, but on closer inspection, she actually has the tiniest micro-french manicure humanly possible.

The look was created by one of our favourite nail artists on IG Betina Goldstein. Honestly, if you don't follow her, get on board, because she masters the most beautifully simple designs and intricate nail art, all with this abundance of chic-ery. And the same can be said for Margot's look.

Betina shared a snap of Margot followed by a close-up of the nails: 'Sheer ivory base with white micro French tips.' And just look how near-invisible that white line is. The thinnest line is painted right along the tip of the natural-look nail giving it a clean brightness almost imperceptibly.

With all the clean girl aesthetic and quiet luxury, along with a heightened focus on nail health, I had my suspicions a short bare nail was going to be in for 2024. With a boom in people looking for tinted clear polishes and treatments to keep them looking fresh, polish over gel. You know the vibe.

While this barely-there look isn't exactly that... it's still an indication that bare-look nails are going to be firmly a part of our 2024. And it's a genius way to brighten and lift the colour of our bare claws. If it's good enough for Margot Robbie...

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