Mark Levin Tweets Ron DeSantis' Campaign Donation Page, Stoking MAGA Rage

Fox News host Mark Levin posted a link to Ron DeSantis’ campaign donation page Wednesday, angering Donald Trump supporters and triggering an explanation by Levin.

The far-right Levin, who interviewed the Florida governor on radio’s “The Mark Levin Show” after he officially entered the GOP presidential race against Trump on Wednesday, absorbed a storm of MAGA hate for sharing DeSantis’ fundraising site.

Bitter comments from Trump loyalists included: “Huge disappointment. I guess Fox is the DeSantis channel now”; and “Who bought you?”

News outlets covered the conservative infighting and Levin fired back early Thursday. “We link to every candidate who comes on the show, as any regular listener knows,” he wrote.

That still didn’t quell the backlash. “You march to the orders of Paul Ryan and it’s sickening… No wonder people are leaving [Fox News] in droves,” wrote one commenter amid a sea of negative replies.

A brief HuffPost check of Levin’s radio-show Twitter revealed that Levin tweeted the campaign page of eventual Kentucky GOP gubernatorial primary winner Daniel Cameron when he appeared on the radio program in late April.

Levin recently had Trump as a guest on both of his shows, and has defended the former president in his legal battles.

Levin tweeted later Thursday that his Fox News interview with Trump in April would re-air on Sunday.

That didn’t stop the outcry either.

“No donation link for him?” one Twitter user wrote.