Martin Moszkowicz Honored With The Carl Laemmle Producer Award

Leading producer Martin Moszkowicz, who recently moved away from his role as CEO of German giant Constantin to focus on producing, was honored with the Carl Laemmle Producer Award in Laupheim for his multifaceted and extensive work as a filmmaker and producer. The veteran producer and exec has been behind major projects such as Monster HunterFack Ju Goëth 1-3Resident Evil and more recently, the Nibelungen adaptation of Hagen and Those About To Die.

Laemmle is a German producer of Jewish origin, who emigrated to the U.S. in 1886 and founded Universal Pictures in 1912 and became famous as a great cinematic visionary and one of the founding fathers of Hollywood.

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The award was presented by the Alliance of German Producers of Film and Television (Produzentenallianz) at a festive gala in Schloss Großlaupheim, Laupheim, the birthplace of Laemmle. The event, which was hosted by German presenter Nina Eichinger, was attended by 400 guests from the worlds of film, television, politics and business, including the Mayor of Laupheim Ingo Bergmann, Production Alliance Board CEO and Spokesman Björn Böhning, State Secretary Arne Braun (Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts), actors Kathrin Anna Stahl, Amanda da Gloria, Adnan Maral and Luis Vorbach.

“In the tradition of Carl Laemmle, Martin Moszkowicz stands for the international orientation of the fifth art: he combines high artistic standards with economic expertise,” said an excerpt from the jury’s statement.

“Martin Moszkowicz is a versatile and daring producer who creates impressive films with verve and enthusiasm, strategic vision and an expert instinct for material, themes and people,” said producer and Blue Eyes Fiction MD Corinna Mehner. “His constant willingness to engage in discussion, his convincing and pluralistic understanding of democracy, his knowledge and the depths of German and European history, make him a true cultural cosmopolitan.”

Film and television producer Günter Rohrbach honored the award winner in his laudatory speech: “Martin Moszkowicz has a special talent and a sure instinct for what people want to see and experience, what makes them laugh and cry and moves them at their core. That’s what the film is about. That’s what the person we are honoring today has been about all his life.”

The event, noted the mayor, addressed important topics, in particular social cohesion and the rise of anti-Semitism.

Produktionsallianz CEO and Björn Böhning said: “The parallels between Carl Laemmle and Martin Moszkowicz could not be greater. The award winner is honored for his cinematic work as well as his tireless commitment against anti-Semitism and the admonishing sharing of his family’s history in the Shoah. We are proud to be able to honor Martin Moszkowicz with this special award.”

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