Martin Scorsese too short for theatres

Martin Scorsese is too short to go to the theatre.
The 81-year-old filmmaker - who is 1.63m tall - finds there is "always" someone taller than him seated in front blocking his view when he tries to see a play or go and watch a movie, and he gets frustrated by "raucous" audience members.
Asked if he ever slips into public screenings of his movies, he told Variety: " I don’t do that. People talk and move around a lot.
"I’m short and there’s always a big person in front of me.
"It’s the same with Broadway — I can’t go to theater. There’s someone in front of me, and I can’t see the stage or hear the show.
"I really enjoy Imax as I get older. You go in, you can sit up in the back and you’re sort of looking up.
"Regular screenings, I have found the audiences becoming a bit more raucous than they used to be. But maybe it’s always like in the ’50s when we used to yell back at the screen.
"But it’s very important to me to support films while they’re on the big screen. I just wait a while."
And his 'Killers of the Flower Moon' star Leonardo DiCaprio admitted he rarely watches public screenings because of the attention he receives, though he is happy to do so if there's a movie he wants to see and he will even stand in line to buy his own ticket.
He admitted: "I generally see stuff at premieres."
Asked the last film he bought a ticket for, he said: "Good question. I think it was 'Top Gun: Maverick'. I do not recall.
"I saw both ['Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer'] in the theatre. That may have been the last theatrical film that I saw. But you just reminded me — I saw 'Blue Whales: Return of the Giants' in the Imax theater in downtown LA."
Asked if he walked up to the kiosk and bought his own ticket, he confirmed: "They took my credit card and I signed a piece of paper, the whole thing."
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