MasterChef Australia viewers slam 'suspicious' development in competition: 'I smell something'

After another fan-favourite was sent packing, viewers shared their theories.

Steve's tempura eggs failed to impress the judges, resulting in his elimination. Credit: Channel Ten
Steve's tempura eggs failed to impress the judges, resulting in his elimination. Credit: Channel Ten

Sunday night's elimination episode of MasterChef Australia saw Stephen Dennis, aka Steve, sent home after his egg-centred dish failed to impress the judges. The Queensland native plated up egg tempura but, sadly, the three eggs were inconsistent with only one being sufficiently runny enough while another one was hard-boiled and the other, jammy.

The dish was enough to send the loveable, shark tooth-wearing cook home, saving Lachlan and Alex for another week. While Steve was very stoic about his loss, viewers were less so as they took to social media to share their suspicions that the judges may have had it in for him all along.

"Disappointed to see Steve eliminated," wrote one fan on Facebook. "Don’t think it was worse than Lachie’s dish. Felt like Andy set up the narrative to eliminate Steve who he’s been negative towards on so many cooks. Hoping Andy is not a judge next year - he’s a bit too cocky/arrogant."


"No way was Lachie's dish better than Steve’s… I smell something," someone else wrote on X.

"Judges clearly had it out for Steve," another viewer said. "Never seen judges so rude and negative whenever he brought his dish up. Him being absent a few times clearly pissed them off."

Amongst the suspicions that foul play was afoot, several comments expressed hope that Steve's elimination might not be the last viewers saw of him. Noting the impending redemption cook, where previously booted cooks get the chance to re-enter the competition, fans shared their predictions that Steve wouldn't be down and out for long.

"Looks like all the eliminated contestants get a chance to come back next week so hopefully Steve gets back in," one fan wrote on Facebook.

Fans suggested that the judges 'had it in' for poor Steve. Credit: Channel Ten
Fans suggested that the judges 'had it in' for poor Steve. Credit: Channel Ten

"Steve's coming back in the redemption cook," another said.

"Redemption cook is back! Hopefully Steve can cook his way back into the competition," someone else wrote on X.

"Well there’s redemption cook so please be Stevo who comes back," pleaded another.

Steve himself described his elimination as 'a shock', sharing a video to his Instagram that featured the highlights of his time in the competition.

"Well it’s a bit of a shock when it finally happens but looks like my new kitchen tomorrow is in Bribie Island Kitchen instead of the @masterchefau kitchen," he wrote. "It’s been an amazing journey and I have won the best prize of them all my 21 new friends."

He concluded his caption writing, "Andy may not have liked my last dish but I went out proud cooking from my heart and yes the eggs were all different but sometimes life is like that so just keep your head held high and be proud of yourself. I will miss all you guys the ones that went before me and the ones to come."

The post was flooded with comments from his fans with one person responding, "Maaaate, my husband and I both shed a tear tonight… hope you come back in the redemption! I don’t know why exactly but you just added something really special to this season. Love your positivity and creativity!!"

"Oh Steve I feel so so bad to see you go.. 😢," another wrote. "I hope u come back in redemption. You and your dishes are amazing please keep creating. ❤️


"You shouldn’t have gone home!!! Fingers crossed for redemption ❤️," said a third.

"Absolutely heartbroken to see you go, but so hope you come back!!!," agreed someone else.

So, will Stevo be making a comeback? Only time will, but if he does and takes out the crown it looks like there will be some serious egg on the judges' faces. (wink, wink).

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