MasterChef star re-enters competition after 'insane' move: 'Simply wow'

The judges were shocked by the contestant’s ‘absolute belter’ of a dish.

MasterChef’s eliminated contestants.
MasterChef’s eliminated contestants returned for Wednesday night’s second-chance cook. Photo: Channel 10

Tensions were high in the MasterChef kitchen during Wednesday night’s episode when the eliminated contestants were given the chance to re-enter the competition. While each of the returning home cooks put their best foot forward and served a drool-worthy dish, it was Savindri Perera who earned her way back in.

The 30-year-old banking consultant, who was only sent home the previous episode, served a Sri Lankan feast comprising seven different dishes: a black pork curry, coconut milk prawn, chive and coconut sambal, deep fried cashews and curry leaves, eggplant and mustard pickle, creamy potato curry, and rice.

“You are a machine,” Sofia Levin remarked when Sav presented her dish, while Poh Ling Yeow asked, “Sav, are you trying to prove something?”.


After tasting each element in Sav’s recommended order, Andy Allen described the dish as “an absolute belter”.

“It’s so interesting how it goes together,” he shared. “The pork curry is big and robust and fatty. And then the potato curry’s quite mild and just trying to pat it on the back and calm it down before it goes and flips its lid. They are perfection when you eat them together.”

MasterChef’s Savindri Perera with her Sri Lankan feast.
Andy Allen described Sav’s dish as ‘an absolute belter’. Photo: Channel 10

Following the judges’ decision to have Sav re-enter the competition, viewers took to social media to applaud the “insane” amount of food she prepared in 75 minutes.

“Wow, simply wow. 75 minutes and 7 dishes,” one person wrote, while another added, “That's a feast, she made that in 75 mins?”.

“Getting that pork done (and everything else done) in 75 minutes is madness!” a third remarked, followed by someone else who said, “Would have taken me double the time even if I try to do in a hurry”.

“She is back! YASSSSSS! A proper Sri Lankan feast. And all that in 75 mins! Literal tears in my eyes,” a different user replied.


Sav’s co-stars were also in awe of her skill and time management, with Darrsh Clarke commenting: “7 dishes in 75 minutes… the math still ain’t mathing. INSANE.”

“Well done Sav this is amazing! You absolutely smashed it! Wow 7 dishes! Well done,” Snezana Calic shared, with Juan De La Cruz adding, “Proud of you! Well done Savvi!”.

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