Maya Jama's natural curls are hair goals

maya jama poses at event with straight hair and leather jacket
Maya shows off her unreal natural curlsKarwai Tang - Getty Images

Maya Jama is wildly versatile when it comes to her hair. Though she's dabbled in blonde and red, it's not colour where she really stretches her range. Straight, wavy, curly, blowout; she moves effortlessly through styles and textures and we've yet to see one that doesn't suit her. But there will always be the most special place in our hair hearts for her natural curls.

Currently basking in the South African sun while shooting for season one of Love Island All Stars, the host shared a photo dump of how she's spending her days when she's not working. Given Maya only appears in one or two episodes a week, she's seemingly got a fair bit of downtime and it looks idyllic. With minimal makeup and her natural curls, she captioned the snaps: "Wholesome girl diaries."

There's bike riding, book reading, The Kooks singing; it's basically my year eight summer. Except my curls did not look anywhere near this good. Maybe that's because I didn't know about Maya's hot egg hair mask... no really.

The star has spoken before about how her fans seemed divided in how they liked her hair, with girls voting for curls and boys for straight looks *big eye roll*. But in that case, this carousel is one-hundy-P for the girlies because we get to see her curls swept up in a pony, sleek and defined, fluffed up and volumised. It's a buffet of curls and fans loved it in the comments:

There's those curls again 😍

The curlssss🤍

Natural true beauty 👏🙌🔥❤️🔥❤️


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