McDonald’s Is Making Huge Changes To Their McFlurry Soon

For years, the spoon that comes with a McDonald's McFlurry has been met with a mix of love and hate. Some people adore the spoon's unique hollow design, while others dislike its awkward bulkiness. But now, it appears that we'll be saying goodbye to the McFlurry spoon as we know it.

CNN Business reports that McDonald's decision to ditch its current spoon is an effort to be more sustainable and to put in a place a small change that “will help reduce single-use plastic waste.”

McFlurry lovers likely know that the spoon serves two functional purposes: it's a spoon for your frosty treat and it also acts as a spindle that's used by the McFlurry machine to mix in your toppings.

For locations in the U.S., McDonald's wants to start using a “reusable spindle that’s swapped out and cleaned after each McFlurry is made.”

Customers will be given a “smaller black spoon that uses less plastic” instead of a McFlurry spoon. If that sounds familiar, it's likely because the little black spoons are currently used for McDonald's sundaes.

The decision to phase out McFlurry spoons is just one of many big changes McDonald's has announced in the past few months. In September it was reported that the chain wants to get rid of all self-serve beverage stations by 2032. Instead, crew members will once again pour customers' drinks and refills.

It's unclear what the timeframe is for getting rid of the current McFlurry spoons.

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