McDonald's iced coffee hack sends TikTok crazy: 'So good'

Put a tasty twist on your morning cuppa.

An Australian foodie has revealed the ultimate McDonald's iced coffee hack, and people are lovin' it. Sharing her "must try" trick on TikTok, the Macca's fan offered her take using two popular menu items.

Filming herself entering the drive-thru, Brooke asks for two double-shot espressos and a small, vanilla shake. Then, she slowly pours the hot espresso into the shake and gently mixes it through with a straw, before testing it out.

McDonald's coffee being poured into a McDonald's shake
A TikToker has combined two simple McDonald's drinks to make what she claims is the ultimate iced coffee. Photo: TikTok/thebrookeleeofficial

"Oh yeah! Oh yum, that's good," she declares after her first sip. "Perfect Sunday treat. I finished it, and I was like, why the hell did I only get a small!?"


Brooke explains the combo works so well because the shake so thick it doesn't instantly melt from the hot coffee. Instead, it just makes it a little thinner, while the coffee cools almost immediately; making a perfect cold, creamy and delicious Macca's iced coffee.

Macca's iced coffee hack post-combination
The combination makes a deliciously creamy and cold McDonald's iced coffee. Photo: TikTok/@thebrookeleeofficial

The video has since been viewed more than 24,000 times, with fans saying they can't wait to try it out. "I want one," wrote one viewer. "I need to try this!" echoed another.

And while some accused Brooke of reinventing the wheel (or plainly imitating affogato), she was not to be deterred: "Affogato is just ice cream with coffee on top (liquor if you want)," she shot back. "So a thick shake isn't just ice cream is it? Completely different format."

Woman showing off her McDonald's iced coffee hack
After asking others to share their own McDonald's hacks, Brooke learned you don't even need to make the drink yourself. Photo: TikTok/@thebrookeleeofficial

Meanwhile though, other Micky D's enthusiasts shared an even cheaper tactic for making the exact same drink. With less stirring too. It turns out McDonald's staff can actually make it for you if you know what to order. It's even cheaper than buying the items separately. "If they have a cafe... ask for the thick shake with coffee shots," the savvy hackster shared. "Way cheaper!"

"Been doing that for a few years myself," another confirmed. "If you ask for a thick shake with a shot they make for you."

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