Meet the 6 Women Fighting for Love with Younger Men in Season 2 of “MILF Manor”: 'It's Getting Hot in Here'

The hit TLC series is back for more as six women between the ages of 45 and 59 compete for a chance at true love with sexy, younger singles

A brand new group of MILFs are ready to find love — but they have a twisted journey ahead!

On Monday, TLC announced the long-awaited return of MILF Manor, which will see six new women, aged 45 to 59, bare it all in a journey to find love with a group of sexy younger men. The cast of MILFS for season 2 includes 45-year-old Barby, 46-year-old Christina, 48-year-old Crystal, 50-year-old Lannette, 51-year-old Jami and 59-year-old Kelly.

As they arrive at the lakefront chalet at the trailer's beginning, Jami, 51, reads a welcome message that kicks off the sizzling new season.

“Get ready for an unforgettable experience with wild challenges, major shocks, incredible dates and most importantly, the opportunity to find true love,” she says, while a shot of a speedboat with a group of younger men — all of whom’s faces are hidden — arriving at the lake house plays.

<p>TLC</p> Jami from season 2 of TLC's 'MILF Manor'


Jami from season 2 of TLC's 'MILF Manor'

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Each of the women will “participate in a series of activities to win dates with the love interest they have their eyes on” during their stay, with the challenges ranging from “relay races to mud wrestling,” per the official synopsis, as the ladies “compete for one-on-one time to further their romantic connections.”

In the trailer, the women go through everything, from oiling up their partners to a tug-of-war style strength competition to earn time with the man of their choosing. “It’s getting hot in here,” Christina jokes in one confessional as connections build — and tensions rise.

“I will fight for what I want, and you are what I want,” one of the men tells one of the MILFs in the trailer.

<p>TLC</p> Christina from season 2 of TLC's 'MILF Manor'


Christina from season 2 of TLC's 'MILF Manor'

The trailer also teases an even bigger twist than that of season 1 — when the cast was shocked to learn that the group of young single men would include some of their own sons.

“No f----ing way,” Lannette, 50, says in the trailer as the big reveal is teased, while Christina says, “This is crazy.”

Crystal also asks, “Are you serious right now?”

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The group of six MILFs is a diverse mix of women boasting a range of romantic experiences, with half of the ladies — Lannette, Jami and Christina — having been married before.

Lannette, 50, got married at a young age and is "ready to settle down again" after her divorce "ignited something new in her." She's known for "turning heads when she walks into a room," and is "tired of playing the field.

<p>TLC</p> Lannette from season 2 of TLC's 'MILF Manor'


Lannette from season 2 of TLC's 'MILF Manor'

Jami, 51, is hoping that the third time's the charm, as she has been married — and gotten divorced — twice before. She has a "reputation for being positive, dancing her heart out, and bringing light wherever she goes, and has "always been a popular girl and has a ton of friends." Now that her three kids are out of the house, she's ready for love.

Similarly to Jami, 46-year-old Christina is a divorcée who is "confident that a younger Mr. Right is out there" following her 20-year marriage. She also "understands she can be intimidating,"

For 48-year-old Crystal, love is finally on the agenda after the death of her son. The makeup artist "has a tough exterior but [is] sweet on the inside," and she loves to keep it classy while making sure "everyone around her knows she still plans to get the last word."

<p>TLC</p> Crystal from season 2 of TLC's 'MILF Manor'


Crystal from season 2 of TLC's 'MILF Manor'

At 59, Kelly is in “the best shape of her life and proud” and she’s ready to settle down after “multiple disastrous blind dates.”

She's an "absolute bombshell" but has struggled with "low self-esteem" in the past. However, she's "ready to finally find the love of her life."

<p>TLC</p> Kelly from season 2 of TLC's 'MILF Manor'


Kelly from season 2 of TLC's 'MILF Manor'

Similarly, Barby is also looking for something more serious.

A former stripper turned marketing executive, the 45-year-old wants a “younger man to treat her like a princess,” and is “super confident and secure in who she is.” Her "toxic trait is drama," though, and she will "never steer clear of a confrontation," so her claws may just come out as she vies for love in MILF Manor.

<p>TLC</p> Barby from season 2 of TLC's 'MILF Manor'


Barby from season 2 of TLC's 'MILF Manor'

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Season 2 of MILF Manor premieres Sunday, April 28 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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