Meg Ryan Is Making Her Rom-Com Return in 'What Happens Later'

Just in time for cuffing season.

Grab your fisherman sweaters and bowler hats, because the queen of rom-coms, Meg Ryan, is ready for her return. After a 14-year hiatus, the beloved actress is set to co-write, star, and direct Bleecker Street’s upcoming flick, What Happens Later.

On Wednesday, What Happens Later finally dropped its first trailer, teasing the film's "cheeky magic of Ryan’s rom-coms of the 90s.” Based on Steven Dietz's play Shooting Star, Ryan joins actor, David Duchovny, as the two star as Willa and Bill, a former couple who coincidently reconnect after decades apart. When a snowstorm delays their separate flights and leaves them stranded in an airport, the two make up for lost time.

<p>Taylor Hill/WireImage</p>

Taylor Hill/WireImage

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Speaking for the first time since their breakup, the ex-lovers go back and forth on whose to blame, resulting in Bill confessing he was very much in love with her. The synopsis reveals that as the night goes on they "find themselves just as attracted to — and annoyed by — one another as they did decades earlier." As the classic saying goes opposites attract: Willa is described as a "magical thinker" and Bill is the "catastrophic one."

<p>Youtube @bleekerstreet</p>

Youtube @bleekerstreet

Prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike, Ryan spoke with Entertainment Weekly saying, “Sometimes there's a question of: Will they be together? Will they not be together? For that reason, [What Happens Later] sort of evolves the rom-com genre just a little bit. It's also about old people, and it's still romantic and sexy."

<p>Columbia Pictures/Everett Collection</p>

Columbia Pictures/Everett Collection

“It has a relationship to movies from the '40s, like Bringing Up Baby, in terms of the banter and the rhythm of things and a lot of that era of filmmaking," adding, "Nora Ephron used to say about rom-coms that they were really a secretly incredible delivery system to comment on the times, and we do that in this movie."

What Happens Later hits theaters on Oct. 13.

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