Megan Fox’s ‘wet and slick’ fresh-out-the-shower hair is her sexiest look to date

Megan Fox's latest look left me needing gas and air, because honestly I forgot how to breathe for a little bit while looking at these pics. Switching my lungs to manual, I began to reintroduce oxygen to my blood stream long enough to actually take in the full look, and just, wow.

If you weren't 100% sold on her new red hair, you will be now. She looks absolutely stunning wearing her lengthy gingerbread tresses in thoroughly wet-look 'straight out the shower' waves – apt as it was for another Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue event.

Parted swept over to one side, the gelled tresses were slicked back just a little at the sides, subtly pulling the hair away from the face and opening it up. This colour does magic to her blue eyes, while lengthy tendrils were pulled down falling over her face far too sexily to be legal. You need to watch this whole video and see every still and clip because they just get better and better.

Naturally it was the work of her go-to hair stylist Dimitris Giannetos, these two in cahoots just never miss. Sharing the most discombobulatingly hot snaps of Megan to instagram Dimitris wrote; "Wet and slick for my muse @meganfox last night in Florida for @si_swimsuit event!". Also revealing this work of art was achieved on a plane, no less. Sharing shots of an on-jet glam sesh, writing: "Thank Lord we got plugs on the plane! Made it to Florida".

Decidedly more glamorous than me whipping out my straighteners on a Southern Rail train last week, at least from the looks I got.

We've been seeing more and more wet-look styles popping up as summer approaches, from Kim and Khloé Kardashian, to Jennifer Garner and it's safe to say we're going to be seeing plenty more as we head into festival season. Well, it's a great way to disguise greasy day four hair. Style smarter not harder people.

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