Meghan Markle blasted by estranged dad: ‘She killed then mourned me!’

Meghan Markle has been blasted by her dad for “killing and mourning” him.
Thomas Markle, 78, has been estranged from his 41-year-old daughter since she married Prince Harry, 38, in 2018, and he has told ahead of King Charles’ coronation on 6 May how he refuses “to be buried by her”.
Speaking about how she “killed me and then she mourned me”, Thomas told 7NEWS Spotlight: “I refuse to be buried by her... is it worth getting rid of her father?
“I wish that we could sit down and talk. I wish we could work out our differences.
“I think Harry should take the lead here and try and put us together some way. I think he could help.”
Along with being estranged from her dad after he reportedly staged paparazzi photos ahead of her wedding, Meghan hasn’t spoken to her sister Samantha or brother Thomas Jr since her 2018 marriage.
The trio featured together in a 7NEWS chat, in which former Hollywood lighting director Thomas also said he wants to “make amends” with Meghan and see his two grandchildren for the first time before it is “too late”.
He added: “She loved me. I’m her hero. And suddenly I was thrown out... we were close all her life. From the sixth grade on, she lived with me. And I got her through high school. I got her through college.”
Thomas wasn't visited by Meghan after he had a massive stroke at his home in Mexico in 2022, and his son Thomas Jr who also appeared alongside him in the TV interview asked: “If that doesn’t move her, what would?”
Samantha, 58, hit out at Meghan – who has children Archie, three, and 22-month-old Lilibet with Harry – as “toxic”.
She said: “I don’t think she’s capable of empathy, remorse, or shame. I don’t think she could feel enough to apologise.
Samantha also claimed there was “something missing in their eyes” at Meghan and Harry’s wedding and hit out: “She would still be a waitress if it wasn’t for dad.”
7NEWS Spotlight’s Liam Bartlett asked the trio: “How’s this for a hypothetical? Meghan rings you tomorrow, Thomas, and says, ‘Let’s get together and talk with Harry’. But the condition is that all three of you never do another media interview ever again, full stop.”
Thomas replied: “Well, I would agree to it if, indeed, it was a real get-together.”
Samantha added: “If it was mutual. In other words, if paid PR, if there was some guarantee that that paid PR machine wasn’t going to be talking about us.”
Thomas Jr joked: “Is this where she’s going to come walking out one of the doors?”