Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Team Says Claims That Their Car Chase Was Exaggerated Are "Abhorrent"

The initial statement called the incident “relentless” and “near-catastrophic.”

<p>Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images</p>

Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images

Now that the dust has settled after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's harrowing paparazzi car chase in New York City, it seems that a conspiracy theory about the whole thing is making the rounds on the internet. Even though the duke and duchess of Sussex shared their story, many people believe that they overstated what actually happened, but in a new interview with The New York Times, Meghan and Harry’s spokesperson Ashley Hansen insisted that what happened was very real, very scary for everyone involved, and anyone who thinks otherwise should go out and touch grass.

<p>Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images</p>

Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images

Hansen explained, “Respectfully, considering the duke’s family history, one would have to think nothing of the couple or anybody associated with them to believe this was any sort of P.R. stunt. Quite frankly, I think that’s abhorrent.”

The Times also noted that the Associated Press reported that the same day of the chase, a lawyer for Prince Harry had appeared in London court to argue that Harry “should be allowed to challenge a government decision that denied him the right to pay for police protection when he visits the U.K."

<p>Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Ms. Foundation for Women</p>

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Ms. Foundation for Women

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After the car chase, a source told The Sunday Times that Harry opened up about the situation with his inner circle saying that the car chase was the “closest I have ever felt” to feeling what happened the night his mother died back in 1997, when she was also being pursued by paparazzi. Last week, when the story made headlines, Harry and Meghan's team explained that the ordeal was “relentless” and “near catastrophic.”  

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