Mel B still wears Spice Girls costumes

Mel B still wears her Spice Girls catsuits.
The 48-year-old singer shot to fame in the girl group more than 25 years ago and, much to the delight of her eldest daughter, 24-year-old Phoenix, she has kept all her old costumes and can still wear them now.
She told Closer magazine: “Phoenix is never happier than when she is rummaging around in my Spice Girl stuff – which she calls my vintage wardrobe – and I still wear catsuits, leopard prints and everything I wore back then.”
Though Mel finds it “harder” staying in shape now than she did in her pop hey day, she’s very comfortable in her skin and proud of her body.
She said: “It’s harder staying in shape but I feel so much better when I push myself to exercise, to eat right and to just feel like I am totally comfortable in my skin.
“I’m never going to have the look I did as a teenager, but this body has given me three children, it’s been through a lot of ups and downs so I’m very grateful to it.”
And Mel encourages her daughters – Phoenix, who she has with first husband Jimmy Gulzar, Angel, 16, who she has with Eddie Murphy, and 12-year-old Madison, whose father is her second husband Stephen Belafonte – to be body positive.
She said: “I tell them they’re beautiful. I never talk about diets.
“I talk about health, fitness and strength.
“We live in an era where girls – and boys – are constantly comparing themselves to perfect images all the time.
“There is no such thing as the perfect body.
“To me it’s about being fit, healthy, confident and loving the skin you’re in.”