Melissa Gilbert shares details of colonoscopy prep: 'I'm going to be busy today as I have lots of s*** to do'

Melissa Gilbert reveals she's getting a colonoscopy. (Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)
Melissa Gilbert reveals she's getting a colonoscopy. (Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Melissa Gilbert is sharing some advice with her Instagram followers.

The Little House on the Prairie alum, 59, took to the social media platform on Tuesday to post a photo of the container of lemon-lime flavored powder used for colonoscopy prep. When added to water, the solution is used to help flush out one's system prior to the procedure, which uses a tiny video camera inserted through a tube to check for changes in the large intestine. It can be used to check for a variety of ailments, such as intestinal inflammation or cancer.

Gilbert detailed her plan in her caption, writing, "Raise your hand if you know what this is. I'm hoping everyone knows. In case you don't, today…yes on mid term Election Day…(I voted early)….I am prepping for my colonoscopy tomorrow morning. Now here's my story, I've had colonoscopies before and the prep has caused me quite a bit of distress. More than the usual discomfort. In the past I've ended up in a full blown IBS situation for days and days after. Sooooo..this time my brilliant [doctor] has me doing this a different way."

The former Screen Actors Guild president said that she has been on a "modified liquid diet" for the past four days, which included "lots of rice, pasta, smoothies, juices and fish for protein."

"Today when I do the actual prep, rather than drinking the yucky stuff in one 2-3 hour go, my [doctor] has recommended I start late morning and drink a couple of glasses then wait an hour or two, then drink a couple more and so on until I'm done and everything is all clear," she said. "He assured me that I will tolerate the prep better. So if this is something you're worried about, ask your [doctor] before you start your prep."

Gilbert also encouraged her followers to get checked, too.

"I want you all to get your colonoscopies when it's your turn. Don't procrastinate. Get her done," she wrote. "Now I must bounce because as my dear friend and business partner ... hilariously said in a Zoom yesterday, I'm going to be busy today as I have lots of s*** to do."

Gilbert concluded her post with hashtags related to colon cancer awareness — something that her followers appreciated her spreading the word on.

"Thanks Melissa," one follower wrote in her comments section. "Colonoscopies are critical! The prep isn't fun but the procedure is easy. Colon cancer is preventable if you stay current with colonoscopies!"

Another commenter added, "Very important. I lost a good friend from this. Talk to your doctor and it's really no big deal to have the procedure done!"

Gilbert has spoken out about colon cancer awareness before. In September, she shared a screenshot of a tweet on Instagram that read, "My mom's getting a colonoscopy on Thursday. My dad said she should stick a piece of paper in her butt crack that says, 'I've been trying to reach you regarding your car's extended warranty.' I told her if this gets 10K likes, she has to do it. She agreed. Internet: Do your thing."

When the tweet reached 10,000 likes, the woman really did this.

In the caption of the post, Gilbert wrote, "Oh my lord! This is brilliant! I’m getting my colonoscopy in November and I'm so tempted to do this!!!"

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