Mets' Pete Alonso asks if he can get Sunday roast in London on a day besides Sunday

The Mets fly back to the U.S. after Sunday's matchup in England with the Phillies

If Pete Alonso seems a bit sleepy when the New York Mets take on the Philadelphia Phillies in this weekend's two-game MLB London Series, he might be working off a food coma after sampling some of the best food and drink that the town has to offer.

While meeting with reporters on Friday after the team's workout, Alonso had more on his mind than facing the first-place Phillies and scheduled starting pitchers Ranger Suarez and Taijuan Walker. The All-Star first baseman, who leads the Mets with 14 home runs, wanted to make sure he sampled some of London's finest before getting on the plane back to New York.

After enjoying "a proper pint of Guinness" at a pub for a team dinner the night before, Alonso asked reporters if he could find a traditional Sunday roast on a Friday or Saturday.

"Sunday, we’re leaving unfortunately, so I know Sunday roasts are a thing," Alonso said. "Are they served like specifically on Sundays at places or can you get this at any time, like a London roast? And what’s your best recommendation?"

The consensus was that Alonso could find a Sunday roast any time he wanted.

“I think you can get one pretty much anytime,” a reporter replied, sounding somewhat unsure, although he did stress to Alonso, “All I’d say is just have as much gravy as possible.”

The gathered media provided several suggestions for the best place to get the meal of roasted beef, lamb, chicken or pork with Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes and vegetables, along with the aforementioned gravy.

Perhaps overwhelmed, Alonso then asked for where to get the best fish and chips, on which reporters had many opinions. Someone bailed him out by asking if he'll have mushy peas during his visit.

“Yeah, if that’s a thing — yeah, sure,” Alonso said, his apparent reluctance drawing a laugh.

Reporters were far more definitive when teammate Sean Manaea asked for chocolate suggestions and was told emphatically that Cadbury chocolate was better than Hershey's.

Non-chocolate snacking options should include Monster Munch and fruit pastilles, according to the British press. So keep a lookout for any of those in the Mets dugout or bullpen this weekend. At least some of those players have food on their minds.