Miami Beach axes ‘Sean Diddy Combs Day’ with official saying city has ‘no place for women beaters, sexual predators and pedophiles’

Miami Beach axes ‘Sean Diddy Combs Day’ with official saying city has ‘no place for women beaters, sexual predators and pedophiles’

Miami Beach has axed “Sean Diddy Combs Day,” with the city’s commissioner saying there is no place for “women beaters, sexual predators and pedophiles” in Miami.

Following the music mogul’s recent legal troubles and abuse accusations, Miami Beach’s mayor and city commission issued a resolution on June 26 rescinding the proclamation designating October 13 as Sean Diddy Combs Day, NBC6 reported.

Combs, a Miami Beach resident, was honored in 2016 when then-Mayor Phillip Levine presented it to him at that year’s Revolt Music Conference.

The new resolution states the mayor and city commission determined that recognizing the disgraced mogul “is no longer in harmony with the City’s values of safety, community well-being, and respect.”

It added that the celebratory day was rescinded as “recent events and public discourse, including recently released video of Mr. Combs attacking R&B singer and ex-girlfriend, Casandra Ventura (Cassie), have raised concerns about whether Mr. Combs’ current public persona aligns with the values and image that the City of Miami Beach seeks to project.”

Following the resolution, Miami Beach Commissioner David Suarez slammed Combs in a strongly worded statement, saying: “As long as I am a City Commissioner of Miami Beach, women beaters, sexual predators and pedophiles will have no place in our city.”

Miami Beach has axed ‘Sean Diddy Combs Day’ (2018 Invision)
Miami Beach has axed ‘Sean Diddy Combs Day’ (2018 Invision)

Combs has been named in multiple civil lawsuits since November accusing him of sex trafficking, sexual abuse and rape. He has dismissed all alleged wrongdoing, with his attorneys branding the lawsuits and their accusations as money grabs, and labeling them “baseless” and “sickening.”

The first lawsuit was filed against him by his former partner, singer and dancer Cassie, full name is Casandra Ventura, who alleged that she was trafficked, raped and beaten by Combs on many occasions over 10 years.

On May 17, surveillance footage obtained by CNN showed an incident that appeared to corroborate parts of Ventura’s original complaint. The video from March 2016 showed Combs chasing her down the corridor of a Los Angeles hotel and proceeding to punch and kick her outside a set of elevators.

According to the complaint, which cited the altercation as occurring “around March 2016,” Combs became “extremely intoxicated and punched Ms Ventura in the face, giving her a black eye.”

The surveillance footage showed Combs leaving Ventura then returning and shoving her into a corner. He is then seen hurling an object at her, which was also cited in her complaint.

Two days after the footage was published, Combs released a video apologizing for his actions in the video, calling his behavior “inexcusable” and saying he “takes full responsibility for his actions in the video.”

The lawsuit against Combs was settled for an undisclosed amount of money a day after Ventura filed it.

Meanwhile, Combs is also facing multiple other lawsuits, including a suit filed by record producer Lil Rod accusing him and his associates of sexual assault, as well as other lawsuits that accuse him of drugging multiple accusers.

In the two most recent lawsuits filed against Combs, former fashion student April Lampros and former model Crystal McKinney accused him of drugging them. In Lampros’ suit, she claims that Combs forced her to take ecstasy and then demanded she have sexual intercourse with one of his former girlfriends before raping her.

Multiple lawsuits filed against the music mogul prompted federal agents to raid two of Diddy’s homes in Miami and Los Angeles in March.

It was initially reported that he was the target of a federal investigation carried out by a Department of Homeland Security team that handles human trafficking crimes. However, a CNN report from May said the scope of the investigation is now believed to be much larger, focusing on sex trafficking, money laundering and illegal drugs.

The CNN report also said that victims of music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs were set to appear in front of a federal grand jury, signaling possible criminal charges.

No criminal charges have yet been filed.

The Independent has contacted representatives of Sean “Diddy” Combs for comment.