Michael Oher's Attorney Responds to Tuohys Claim They 'Never' Intended to 'Adopt': 'Truth Will Prevail’

Michael Oher's attorney, Don Barrett, released a statement to PEOPLE late Thursday in response to the Tuohys most recent court filing, writing they “are confident the truth will prevail”

<p>Roy Rochlin/Getty; John Shearer/Getty</p> Michael Oher and Leigh Anne Tuohy, Sean Tuohy

Roy Rochlin/Getty; John Shearer/Getty

Michael Oher and Leigh Anne Tuohy, Sean Tuohy

Michael Oher’s attorney is speaking out following Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy’s new legal filing made on Thursday in Shelby County Probate Court, in which they claimed there was "never an intent to adopt" the former NFL player and that they “never signed any contract” on Oher’s behalf since his conservatorship began.

In a statement provided to PEOPLE on late Thursday, Oher’s lawyer, Don Barrett, wrote, “We look forward to Mike finally getting his day in court, where we are confident that the truth will prevail."

Barrett also acknowledged that “the Tuohys have filed a response within the deadline required by Mike’s Petition.”

In the court filing obtained by PEOPLE, the Tuohys refuted Oher’s accusations that they lied about adopting him in 2004, and asked that the court deny Oher’s request for financial relief. Sean and Leigh Anne, both 63, also claim that Oher has received the proceeds he was owed from the 2009 Oscar-winning film The Blind Side.

<p>Matthew Sharpe/Getty</p> Michael Oher stands with Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy in November 2008

Matthew Sharpe/Getty

Michael Oher stands with Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy in November 2008

Last month, Oher accused the Tuohys of tricking him into signing a conservatorship as a way to control his finances. He further claimed that the Tuohys made “millions” from The Blind Side.

“There was never an intent to adopt him,” Tuohys' latest filing said, while denying Oher’s claim that referring to him as a family member had caused "irreparable harm” to him. The Tuohys added that they referred to Oher as their son “in the colloquial sense and they have never intended that reference to be viewed with legal implication.”

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"In fact, they have always felt that the Petitioner was like a son and have used that on occasion but not in a legal sense," the filing stated.

Oher claimed last month that he found out in February that he was under a conservatorship with the Tuohys and was not adopted. In the new filing, the Tuohys called Oher’s timeline “demonstratively false,” saying the former football player wrote about the conservatorship in his 2011 memoir, I Beat The Odds.

In their filing, Sean and Leigh Anne deny they’ve “breached” any of their responsibilities to Oher as his conservators despite his allegations last month that they had done so by not filing an annual accounting of his finances.

The Tuohys “admit they have never filed accountings,” their filing Thursday says, but claim the state never asked them to do so.

Both Sean and Leigh Anne claimed they split proceeds from The Blind Side equally between each other, their two children and Oher.

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“It is important to note that [Oher’s] share was paid to [the Tuohys] who paid the taxes due on these funds for some period of time but still cut a check for a full share (20%) to [Oher],” the Tuohys latest filing claims.

Oher is asking the court to force the Tuohys to file an accounting of his finances and for the couple to pay any earnings that may be owed to him from The Blind Side, plus interest.

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