Michael Strahan's daughter Isabella reveals she has memory loss due to cancer treatment

Michael Strahan's daughter Isabella Strahan is opening up about losing her memory amid her cancer treatment.

On Tuesday, Isabella Strahan posted a health update to her YouTube channel after being diagnosed with a brain tumor called medulloblastoma in January, saying she was "not in much pain" after a third round of chemotherapy.

"I don't remember Tuesday, 'cause I'm given this drug to protect my hearing and just because I have a reaction to it, they give me Ativan. And for some reason, this happened last time too, I can't remember a single thing about that day," Isabella Strahan told her nearly 40,000 YouTube subscribers about the anxiety medication Ativan.

Michael Strahan's daughter Isabella, 19, shares 'not fun' health update ahead of chemotherapy

The 19-year-old also revealed in her vlog, titled "Post Chemo Round 3," that she only has one more round of chemotherapy, which is set to take place in June.

"I'm kind of scared like once I'm done, how am I going to go back to normal life 'cause I feel like there's always going to be another treatment or something that I have to do," Isabella Strahan said, before quipping "otherwise I'm good."

The "Good Morning America" host and Isabella first revealed her cancer diagnosis on the ABC morning program with anchor Robin Roberts in January.

Memory loss follows Isabella Strahan's February health update: 'I feel like I'm having a heart attack'

The health update comes after the model chronicled her health journey in a February vlog, pressing against her head, Isabella said "everything hurts" while recovering from chemo at home, her first time out of the hospital in a month.

"I feel like I'm having a heart attack," she said while sitting on a couch, before calling chemotherapy "the longest journey" and detailing her health anxiety.

"I think it just stresses me out because so much could go wrong I feel," Isabella said. "Oh no, my heart hurts. That could mean I'm having a heart attack, or, like, my eye is strained. What if my eyes stop working?"

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