Michelle Visage shocked by 'introverted' RuPaul

Michelle Visage was shocked by how much of an "introvert" RuPaul is.
The 'RuPaul's Drag Race' judge says the 61-year-old flamboyant drag legend and television star is actually "very reserved and self-aware" in real life and leads a quiet life off-screen.
She told Australia's WHO magazine: "Ru is really an introvert disguised as an extrovert.
"He's not into partying at all because he got that out of his system in the '90s.
"He is very reserved and self-aware. I love how he prioritises self-care, as I don't think enough people do that."
Michelle also admitted that while she faces a lot of trolling on social media for her opinions of the talent show's drag queens, it's all worth it.
She said: "There is territory that comes with my job, like getting abused on social media as I've said something about someone's favourite queen they didn't like.
"That's the downside of being a judge on a reality show, but I still wouldn't trade it."
The 53-year-old star admits she's as proud of 'Drag Race' as she is of her own kids.
She said: "It took us nine years to get this show on the air and then another nine years for it to be taken seriously.
"It started off as a programme made for queer people by queer people on a little-known queer network, so took a long time to blow up the way it has.
"I'm just as proud of the success of 'Drag Race' as I am of my own two kids."