The mile long train on Katy Perry’s red mini dress is actually an Easter egg

katy perry red mini dress train
The XL train on KP's red mini has a secret messageNeil Mockford - Getty Images

Paris Fashion Week may not be over quite yet, but we're already crowning Katy Perry our Haute Couture queen after a slew of seriously stylish 'fits during the singer's stay in the French capital. She kicked things off with a real bang during the Vogue World show, making her runway debut alongside Sabrina Carpenter. Strutting her stuff in a cut-out leather dress that she was totally naked under btw (!!), Katy held her own alongside seasoned pros including Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

And off the runway, she's donned equally OTT ensembles. The latest of which consisted of a one-shoulder ruched red mini dress with a mile-long train. Arriving at The Ritz Hotel, Katy gracefully stepped out of her black limousine to strut towards the hotel entrance, leaving the lengthy train – actually one of two trains on the dress – to unfurl from the depths of the car and follow in her wake.

katy perry red mini dress train
Neil Mockford - Getty Images

Styling the look with black tights and pumps and silver horn earrings, the focus was entirely on the dress train. Especially once fans realised the words printed on the length of fabric were in fact lyrics to her upcoming single 'Woman's World'. Yep, 500 feet-worth (okay, we were exaggerating when we said the train was a mile long) of lyrics.

Fans were quick to freak out over the Easter egg on social media, with one X, formerly Twitter, user writing, "GUYS ITS THE FUCKING LYRICS qKfizufjzhfb". Yet it wasn't a straight forward case for internet sleuths, with many joking they were unable to decipher the lyrics due to the train folding in on itself and Katy walking past too quickly.

Guess we'll just have to wait til the single drops on 11 July. Counting down the days...

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