Miley Cyrus has been undergoing eye movement therapy for a year: ‘It’s so helpful’

Miley Cyrus has been undergoing eye movement therapy for a year.
The ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer, 30, who is dating musician Maxx Morando, 24, after divorcing actor Liam Hemsworth, 33, in 2020, added she has been working with “amazing” healers as part of her counselling.
She told British Vogue: “I did a lot of EMDR. It’s so helpful. Essentially, you delete the physical sensations associated with these painful memories. The EMDR really helped me.”
EMDR is short for Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing and is said to help people come to terms with traumatic experiences.
Miley added in the chat she is now “sober” and hasn’t been drinking, and only hangs around with “gay men” as part of her fitness obsession.
She said: “I only hang out with, like, gay men. So they come over, and we do a whole class based off of Nicki Minaj or we have a Britney series.
“I have a Madonna ‘Vogue’ series, which is doing the entire bow choreography with, like, our little weights.”
She added about being asked for fitness advice: “I actually had this idea of doing kind of like a wellness comedy, which was me basically saying, ‘I’m Miley Cyrus and I’m a pop star and I can’t tell you what to eat or what supplements to take because I haven’t seen your lab work.’”
The singer is also a big fan of journaling, and her British Vogue interviewer said she read out a recent entry from her phone during their interview.
It said: “I make choices that I’m proud of that protect me… I put my mental and physical health before a paycheque… I freed up space for myself to be with friends and family doing what I love, which is working out, eating well, learning ways about how to enhance my life, staying dedicated to practices and protocols that are specifically designed for me.”
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