Miller and Márquez joined by 5 first-time World Series umpires for Fall Classic

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Bill Miller and Alfonso Márquez will be joined by five first-time World Series umpires when the Texas Rangers play the Arizona Diamondbacks starting Friday night.

Miller and Márquez each will be working his fifth World Series. Miller will be the umpire crew chief and would work the plate for a Game 7.

Márquez will be at first base in the opener, joined by D.J. Reyburn behind the plate, David Rackley at second, Brian Knight at third, Vic Carapazza in left field and Miller in right, Major League Baseball said Thursday.

Quinn Wolcott will be the reserve umpire for the opener and will call balls and strikes for Game 2. He will be followed behind the plate by Márquez, Rackley, Knight and Carapazza.

Wolcott, 37, was the most accurate at balls and strikes this season at 96% among umpires working the plate for more than one game, according to Miller was at 94.1%, Knight 94%, Rackley 93.9%, Carapazza at 93.7% and Márquez and Reyburn at 93.5% each.

Miller, 56, also worked the Series in 2010, ’13, ‘17 and ’20, and he was crew chief in 2020. Márquez, 51, umpired at the Series in 2006, ’11, ‘15 and ’21.

Knight is 49, Reyburn 47, Carapazza 44 and Rackley 42.

All seven Series umpires worked this year’s Division Series.

Todd Tichenor and Lance Barrett will be the video review umpires at MLB's office in New York.