Minnie Driver pulled over by armed police while covered in fake blood

Minnie Driver had a close call with cops after she was pulled over while driving home from a film set covered in fake blood.
The 53-year-old 'Good Will Hunting' star has revealed she was left "terrified" when a police officer pulled a gun on her during the traffic stop in California after she'd left a film set with her gory make-up still in place - but it was all a misunderstanding.
She told the Guardian newspaper: "I’d been shooting in a remote part of California and I was speeding home at 5am, covered in fake blood, when I got stopped by the police.
"The cop was suspicious and said: 'What have you been doing?' I said: 'I’ve been shooting', and he drew his gun. I have never been so terrified. I said: 'No no, I’ve been shooting a film - I’m an actress!'"
During the interview she also opened up about the most "embarrassing moment" of her career so far - revealing she had to fake an orgasm in front of a group of male TV executives when trying out for a role in a chocolate bar advert.
She said: "When I was starting out, in the early 90s, I had to fake an orgasm in a room full of male ad execs at an audition for a chocolate bar ad. It was grim!"
It comes after Minnie recently opened up about the difficulties facing older actresses in Hollywood - insisting it's difficult to compete with up and coming stars.
During an appearance on 'The Jonathan Ross Show', she explained: "I don't think the acting is hard to survive. I think getting old and being a known quantity where youth and newness is valued and favoured over oldness and a known quantity.
"It's very different now - it feels like a very different time for people who do what I do if you're a woman."