Miranda Lambert fought against people trying to 'change' her

Miranda Lambert had to fight against people trying to "change" her at the beginning of her career.
The 39-year-old country singer expressed her frustration with the way executives wanted to alter her image and even her sound when she was first starting out, but though she was still a teenager at the time, she was determined to stick to her guns and use her music to get her message across.
In a preview from an upcoming episode of 'Who's Talking to Chris Wallace?' shared with People magazine, she said: "There was a risk of people trying to dress me in a way that I didn't want to dress or change my sound, and I just wasn't gonna go for that, even really young.
"I just kind of knew. It's not about that. It's about what I have to say, because I knew I had some really great messages I wanted to share with the world and I wanted that to be through song and not through, you know, a crop top.
"I was really about sticking to my guns — especially in my early years in the business of just wanting it to really be about the music."
But the 'Drunk' singer admitted as she's established herself as a successful artist, she's become more "relaxed" and open to suggestions.
She said: "There were some moments where I was being pushed in directions that I just wasn't comfortable.
"So I stood my ground, but as I've gotten older and more into the industry, I've kind of relaxed in that."
And these days, Miranda has even "started to enjoy the process of maybe pushing some boundaries" in areas she previously would have resisted.
The 'Mama's Broken Heart' singer recently revealed she always joins her team in enjoying a "shot of tequila" before going on stage.
She told E! News: "We always do a shot of good tequila with the band and crew before we walk on stage. Sunny summer days are my favourite adult beverage days."