MKR's Colin Fassnidge rushed to hospital on family holiday in Thailand

“He couldn’t get back in the kayak, he was like a baby elephant!”

Colin Fassnidge has uploaded a hilarious account of an accident he had while on a family holiday in Thailand, much to the despair of his family.

Sharing that he had to go to the hospital after cutting his leg open on an oyster rock, Colin gave a detailed description of how he and his daughter Lily fell out of a kayak, resulting in him "splitting" his leg open as he "tried to save her life."

Colin's wife and daughter could be heard disputing his version of events in the background as he told the story.

"Today we were on a kayak, myself and my daughter, and we both fell off and I couldn't get back in, so I decided to push my daughter to shore to save her, because we were miles out," Colin said, as his wife Jane could be heard saying in the background "shut up!"

"I'm telling the real story!" Colin fired back.

Colin Fassnidge and family with elephant, and colin fassnidge with sunglasses on
Colin Fassnidge's hilarious account of events of "saving his daughter's life" riled up his daughter Lily. Photo:

"As I pushed my daughter in, as I was saving her life because we were SO far away," he continued before being interrupted again.


"The water was knee-high," Colin's wife said in the background. "It was shallow!" his daughter yelled.

"I grazed my leg on an oyster rock which split it right open and even the guy at the desk vomited," Colin said. "And I got 10 stitches."

'He was like a baby elephant'

Colin then said he took himself to hospital on his own, getting no love from the women in his family.

"I got no love from any female in my house, I had to get a taxi on my own, patched myself up, and that's today's news from Thailand," he said.

As Colin's family started arguing with him in the background, he wrapped up the video saying he was in "severe pain" but "I saved my daughter in the end."

“You’ve made a mountain out of a molehill,” Jane said in the background. “He couldn’t get back in the kayak, he was like a baby elephant!”

Colin later uploaded another video showing his daughter storming off on a beach in Thailand complaining about his earlier video.


"Lily has cracked it and is off," he captioned the video, as Lily ranted, "Oh is your Dad OK Lily, this is all your fault, your dad has stitches," before looking down at her phone and realising her dad was filming and running off.

Fans of the My Kitchen Rules judge loved his account of the event.

"The thanks you get for risking your life," one person joked. "The background commentary clearly they don’t appreciate you putting your life on the line Colin," another person said.

"'Baby elephant' I’m dead," another said.

"I mean I’m not that good at maths but I can only see seven stitches??" one person pointed out.

"I completely understand, Lily. Your father is a very hard human to travel with!" another friend said.

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