MKR's Colin Fassnidge settles the debate on how to correctly eat a meat pie

EXCLUSIVE: The best way to eat a meat pie has divided Aussies for years and now we have an answer.

There have been many debates that have divided Australians over the years: Was Shannon Noll robbed on Australian Idol? What's the best Milo-to-milk ratio? Should Richie Strahan have chosen Nikki Gogan over Alex Nation on The Bachelor?

But one particular food debate that has been brought up time and time again is the correct way to eat a meat pie and tomato sauce.

The Great Meat Pie debate

It's an issue that has mixed opinions: does the tomato sauce go on top of the pie? Do you take the pastry lid off and squirt it inside? Do you dip your pie in the sauce?

There are even numerous Reddit threads dedicated to the best practices.

"With hands, covered in sauce, lid on. Any other way is bloody unAustralian," one person said.

"Hold it upside down and eat it from the side. Pouring tomato sauce into the exposed meat every couple of bites," another said.

"Cut the top off, let cool, eat filling with a fork, and then the crust," one fine diner shared.


MKR's Colin Fassnidge settles the meat pie debate

photo of meat pie side by side with Colin Fassnidge
MKR's Colin Fassnidge has settled the great Aussie meat pie debate. Photo: Supplied

Yahoo Lifestyle decided it was time to settle the debate once and for all: It was time to get a food expert to weigh in.

Celebrity chef and MKR judge Colin Fassnidge has told Yahoo Lifestyle the correct way to eat a meat pie, so listen up.

"You don't ever take the lid off!" he said. "What I do is I poke a hole in it and squeeze the sauce in. If you put enough pressure on, in the hole, it'll spread over the top."

Colin had some firm words for those who like to take the top off.

"If you've got enough time to take the top off a pie, give me a break!" he said.

So there you go. It's settled.

Go forth and enjoy your next meat pie.

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