New Mom Ashley Greene Opens Fitness Studio with Husband Paul: 'I Feel Like I'm Fully Back into My Body' (Exclusive)

The 'Twilight' star recently opened NexGen Fitness — a new facility in Sherman Oaks, California — with Khoury and her business partner Jarod Einsohn

<p>Paul Khoury</p>

Paul Khoury

Ashley Greene is opening up about her postpartum fitness journey.

The Twilight star, 36, recently opened NexGen Fitness, a new facility in Sherman Oaks, California, alongside her business partner and Hollywood producer Jarod Einsohn, 39, and her entrepreneur husband Paul Khoury, 35.

Greene — who welcomed a baby girl, Kingsley Rainn, in September 2022 — tells PEOPLE exclusively she approaches health and fitness holistically and doesn't believe in calorie restrictions or extreme training.

Most days she wakes up at 6 a.m. to meditate, and throughout the day Greene eats nutritious meals.

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As for her workout routine? Greene likes to mix it up: some days she focuses on leg workouts while other days she switches to arms, full body exercises or muscle conditioning with the goal of building lean muscle.

Greene — who incorporates rest days — says she gently eased back in to exercise months after giving birth, building up her tolerance and allowing her body to lead the way.

“I really wanted to focus on making sure that I gave myself enough rest for everything to go back into place, and made sure that I wasn't trying to jump back into where I was and hurting myself," she says. "I feel like there's this idea that you are cleared after eight weeks and you can just jump back in, and that is so far from the case. I think it's really damaging to a lot of people.”

Rather, "I wanted to feel fully back into my body," adds Greene, who works out five times a week at her facility. "My workout also depends on my baby. My life is her life now. Physically, we all want to look good, but I want to feel good — and mentally, I have to. It’s just a really empowering thing as a woman."

Khoury wakes up at 7 a.m. — an hour after his wife — and works out three to four times a week at their new personal training space. The two met through mutual friends in 2009 and tied the knot in July 2018.

“I think fitness is a big part of the Khoury household,” he says. “Ash has really made fitness a big part of her brand, so when it was up to us, like how we wanted to take certain aspects of our business life and meld it with our personal lives, we felt that this would be the best opportunity to take something we loved and open this place.”

"As I've become a parent, I've realized that it's way more than just working out. There's so many more facets to fitness and health," adds Khoury, who played semi-pro soccer growing up. "I've honed in and really paid more attention to the details, and it's now making me pay a little bit more attention. I think now having this spot is going to really allow me to wake up and take my health and fitness to the next level.”

The new facility offers cardio equipment and two upscale private training suites for personal one-on-one training, an outside space with a cold plunge and an indoor infrared sauna. The walls are lined with photographs of inspiring athletes like Serena Williams, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, and there’s a registered dietician in the corporate office who customizes meal plans based on the client’s goals and restrictions.

<p>Paul Khoury</p> From Left Brian Andrews, Paul Khoury, Ashley Greene, Jarod Einsohn and Bryan Bryan Whatley at NexGen Fitness in Sherman Oaks

Paul Khoury

From Left Brian Andrews, Paul Khoury, Ashley Greene, Jarod Einsohn and Bryan Bryan Whatley at NexGen Fitness in Sherman Oaks

Bryan Whatley, 40, the founder and CEO of NexGen Fitness (which has 19 studio spaces around the States and nine more on the way) was a personal trainer in college and obtained his degree in exercise science and physiology at the University of Oklahoma. In 2012, he opened the first Nexgen Fitness elite personal training studio in Frisco, Texas.

“For us it's about growth, but the driving force behind that growth is impact, and so it's about how do we transform lives through our love of fitness,” he says at the facility next to personal trainer and director fitness Brian Andrews, 43. "And then have that ripple effect of impact where we can look back and just see all the lives that we've been able to touch over the years. It’s incredible.”

Former New England and Tampa Bay four-time all-pro tight end Rob Gronkowski and his brother Dan, who also played in the NFL for years — along with their three brothers Gordie, Chris and Glenn — are partners at NexGen and own two facilities in their hometown of Buffalo, New York. According to Dan, their father Gordon started G&G Fitness Equipment in 1990, which now has 14 retail stores, and their company has provided all the state-of-the-art fitness equipment (their own brand and other retailers) at every NexGen franchise location.

"I would say growing up was more a focal point of working out and that's really helped us all become professional athletes," says Dan Gronkowski, 38, over the phone with his brother Rob, 34. "Just starting off doing it the right way with lower weights, higher ups and form and building into your body and becoming bigger, faster, and stronger. It's always been a part of our lives."

<p>Chris Fritchie</p> (Left) Rob Gronkowski and his brother Dan Gronkowski (Right)

Chris Fritchie

(Left) Rob Gronkowski and his brother Dan Gronkowski (Right)

“We all just love to stay fit,” Rob adds. When he’s in Los Angeles, he likes to experience a personalized workout after he flies across the country from the East Coast.

“I just love the high-end personal training and the one-on-one time in my suite. We love to work out with tons of different equipment, love variations of different workouts and that it’s stocked with high-end Gronk Fitness equipment. So it's a win-win," he says. "But the best way to get into shape is not get out of shape. So when I retired from the NFL, I was in pretty good football shape still and I could run a lot."

As he continues his fitness routine, Rob uses the workout space on both coasts three to four times a week to strengthen his body and “level up,” as he says, which is how he wants to feel each day — strong and ready to go. His regime consists of lifting weights one to two times a week, along with yoga. He sprints and also participates in circuit training. "It's one of my favorite things to do and inspires me," he says. "Either working out with Dan or some of my old teammates ... we just all like to stay fit together and motivate each other to keep going."

According to Andrews, who works with the Gronkowskis on their injuries and fitness, Rob specifically likes to focus mostly on flexibility and stability. “And they’re always like, ‘Wow, it’s crazy how much better we feel doing this,'" Andrews says.

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Greene also likes working out with a certified personal trainer so she can target core areas that fit her body. “She's not the same human if she does not work out,” says Khoury. “It is actually mind-blowing. She will rip your head off if she did not rip it in the gym that day.”

Working out at the gym allows both of them to have a better day. “You sleep better, you think better and you have more energy," adds Khoury. "I think, honestly, it's just all-around better lifestyle moving throughout the day for both of us.”

As for the cost? There is no enrollment or initiation fees, so clients — including some notable celebrities — are are paying for the private sessions, with the rate varying based on the length of commitment.

“It's just all relationships for me,” says Einsohn, who's known Whatley for 25 years and first met Greene when he was 21 in an acting class. “That's how I do my movies and my shows. I don't really work with people I don't know. I like to have that sort of Adam Sandler mentality — a lot of people say don't work with your friends, and I say the opposite, and Sandler has always preached the opposite too, and that's how I've been. If you’re working with good people with big hearts and the right motives, then you can have a great business. I knew this is the thing we all should do together.”

Most recently, Greene and Khoury even brought their daughter to the facility. “She was just running around this place that holds so much importance to all of us,” says Greene. “She’ll grow up understanding and have such a toolbox for mental health and physical fitness and reproductive rights, and that’s such a cool thing to be able to give all that to your daughter. It’s much more fulfilling to put your name and your face behind something that you truly care about."

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