'Mom, every other reel is your voice...' Princess Superstar spills on the Saltburn effect on her music

Princess Superstar's daughter cannot escape her song 'Perfect (Exceeder)' on social media since 'Saltburn' came out.
The Noughties electronic music star's 2006 smash hit single with Dutch DJ Mason has re-entered charts all over the world and become the soundtrack to countless TikTok posts after being included in Emerald Fennell’s black comedy starring Barry Keoghan.
The 53-year-old songwriter's daughter Siren, who she raises with her husband Luis Miguel Ortega, was initially thrilled to hear her mother's track on social media all the time but now she "can't stand" having her parent all over her feeds every week.
In an interview with BANG Showbiz, she said: "My daughter gets very excited when the influencers that she follows or the YouTubers that she follows use the song, she gets so excited.
“But now, eventually, she’s like, ‘Mom, every other reel is your voice, I can’t stand it!’ Can you imagine your mom always being on your feed? It’s annoying as a child.”
Princess Superstar - real name Concetta Suzanne Kirschner - has nothing but gratitude to Emerald for choosing her song to be included in her film, and she was blown away by the plot and the performance of the cast, even though she doesn't usual watch movies that contain graphic depictions of violence.
She said: "I thought it was just wild. I thought it was incredible because I had never seen things like that in a film before. I thought it was so beautifully made, I thought it was incredible.
“I’m, like, a very peaceful person so I don’t like celebrating murder in media. But, as a piece of art it was beautifully done.
“It’s a great film, it’s a great song, and then you’ve got social media. We’re in an era of social media, so it’s pretty amazing that there was a perfect storm that happened for this song to come alive again – it’s just bananas.
“I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. It’s like watching a movie, sometimes I’m like, ‘Is this happening to me?’”
'Saltburn' has also been responsible for catapulting Sophie-Ellis Bextor’s 'Murder On The Dancefloor' back into the charts and the two pop stars will be touring the UK this summer.