Mom gives birth under I-95 bridge in Miami… in a Lyft SUV

cherley zamor helps deliver cousin's baby - mom gives birth in lyft
7 News Miami

It’s not an uncommon occurrence to see some wild stuff while sitting in rush hour traffic, in Atlanta at least. I’ve seen people playing acoustic guitar in the driver’s seat, lots of car fires, people filming impromptu dance videos on top of their cars in gridlock, and even the occasional escaped zoo animal walking down the middle of the interstate. I don’t know if rush hour is like this in most cities, but during rush hour recently in Miami under the I-95 bridge, passersby would see something they probably don’t see every day—a woman giving birth on the side of the road. And this would give even the impromptu dance video creators a run for their money when it comes to zany things happening in traffic.

Just before 5 p.m., North Miami Police and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue units arrived at the scene of a mom, her cousin, a Lyft driver and a recently born baby. Prior to this wild delivery, the mom in labor called a Lyft driver from her home when she began going into labor. When the driver, Inocles Trazial, arrived, she told him to book it.

The driver said she hollered, “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” when she got into the car, according to a report by 7 News Miami.

Screaming, the mom called her cousin, Cherley Zamor, to race behind the Lyft SUV and follow them to the hospital.

Per 7 News Miami, at some point, the Lyft driver realized they weren’t going to make it to the hospital in time, so he pulled over under the I-95 bridge. The driver told the news outlet it was the first time that anyone had delivered a baby in his vehicle.

Zamor arrived just in time behind the parked SUV, where she rushed to her cousin’s side and called 911. While on the phone, she helped her cousin deliver her baby girl. She told her to push, because, as Zamor told the news outlet, “That’s the only thing I could do, ’cause the head was already out,” she said, “so she pushed, the baby came out, I picked her up, tapped her on the butt, wrapped her in the towel and waited for the cops.”

She added that the Lyft driver was very helpful and they were both thankful for him. She suggested Lyft should tip him and reward him for his help.

And they did.

According to another report by 7 News Miami, Lyft gave Trazial a $1,000 tip and paid for his SUV to be deep-cleaned. The ride-share company also gave the new mom a $1,000 Lyft gift card, an “extremely pink gift basket” and a happy birthday shoutout to the “newest rider,” per the news outlet, and also said on the post, “Nothing wrong with showing up a few minutes early.”

The post also said, “Happy Birthday to the baby who was born in a Lyft this week!” with a cute and punny “Notification” from Lyft that gave the alert, “Your baby is arriving now.”

The news outlet reported that the family remains very grateful to the driver and that there were no problems with either mom or baby and they’re both doing very well.

“We’re happy. It’s a healthy baby girl. She’s in health; that’s all that matters,” said Zamor to 7 News Miami. “I’m proud of myself.”