This mom’s reaction to her daughter’s hilarious April Fools prank is everything

Mom reacts to April Fool's prank

Good April Fools Day pranks are few and far between. But one woman on TikTok got her mom real good—and was kind enough to document the whole hilarious situation so we could all laugh along, and the result is absolute April 1 perfection.

In her now-viral TikTok video, Paige Pejic shows off the sign she made to attach to the back of her mom’s car that reads, “Honk and flip off my mom —April Fools Day prank!!”

The video then cuts to Pejic riding shotgun as her mom drives. Pejic records every minute as other drivers, seeing the sign, start to oblige with this genius daughter’s request. You can hear the honking in the background as we all start to see Pejic’s mom react to what she thinks is just a lot of aggressive drivers on the roads on a Monday.

“What the hell was that? Why is everybody honking at me?” she asks, looking around innocently while Pejic shrugs in the passenger seat. “That guy just gave me the godd*mn finger. What did I do wrong, jerk a—? What the Christ?”

As Pejic struggles to keep a straight face, her mom gets more and more agitated in the driver’s seat — which makes sense. Any of us would be alarmed if we were being honked at and flipped off by just about every other driver on the road.

“That’s about the fourth person already!” she says, as Pejic responds, “That’s so weird.”

“Jesus God,” her mom continues. “What the hell? I didn’t do nothing wrong. What did I do? I didn’t do a bloody thing wrong! This is the weirdest thing. That guy gave me the finger!”

As the video continues and more people honk and flip off Pejic’s mom, we see her continue to spiral, eventually beginning to honk back and flip off the other drivers, too. At the end of the video, she completely loses it.

“Who the hell’s cranky?” she asks. “It’s a beautiful day! Honest to gosh! Oh my God, another guy! What the frig is going on today? OK buddy, f*ck you! F*ck you too! You goof! This world’s gone mental. It’s bizarro day. I got to get home. Maybe the world’s ending and we don’t know it! Maybe something’s going on and they’re trying to tell us. I’m going home. That’s it. Forget it. Forget it. Forget it.”

Incredible. Perfect execution of this prank. 10 out of 10. Now please tell us a follow-up video is coming where Pejic filmed her reaction to the reveal.