More UK sanctions expected over China democracy and security fears

Britain will sanction individuals whom it alleges are involved in Chinese backed-disruption of the democratic process on Monday.

Ministers will step up pressure on China today when they set out further details of the attack on the Electoral Commission and 43 individuals, including MPs and peers.

The Politics at Jack and Sam's podcast reveals this will include sanctioning individuals connected with the alleged efforts.

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The UK will tighten its espionage rules at the same time, with the Investigatory Powers Bill in the Commons on Monday as well.

This is one of a number of increased threats to UK and global security discussed in the podcast.

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Meanwhile, Whitehall is also coming to terms with the implications of Friday night's Moscow attack.

President Vladimir Putin has blamed Ukraine for the murder of dozens of Moscovites, in a move that could mark the beginning of a fresh escalation in the conflict.

The podcast also reveals how a former senior civil servant has written a novel detailing how Whitehall deals with security threats and funding the security services.

China Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Lin Jian, speaking in Beijing, said in reference to claims of Chinese cyber attacks: "Cyber security is a global challenge, China is one of the major victims of cyber attacks, and has always been resolute in stopping and cracking down on all kinds of malicious cyber activities according to the law.

"China has been advocating that all countries jointly deal with cyberattacks, through dialogue and co-operation."

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