Mormon mum-of-two spills on life as $850k a year escort

Allison Yee

Changing careers in your 30s is nothing new, but for Mormon mum-of-two Aubrey Black, making the switch from photographer to escort and porn star saw her propelled into a completely new world - and one her kids didn't agree with.

Raised as a Mormon and practicing until her 30s, the Aussie-based Kiwi has revealed how she fell into the sex industry after meeting escorts through her job as a photographer.

After seeing how popular one of her subjects was, the 43-year-old decided to take the plunge six years ago.

Mum-of-two Aubrey switched from photographer to porn star six years ago. Photo: Instagram

Creating her alias Aubrey Black, the mum who has two children Chavonne, 26 and 17-year-old son Bailey, started off escorting before moving into porn.

“I told my son, who was 10 at the time, that I was doing dates with men for money,” Aubrey told “He was too young for me to say: ‘Hey, I’m f**king for money’.

“He understood at first. But over the years he asked to see photos of the men, and as soon as I said ‘no’ he started to do his own detective work.”

Aubrey admits her children aren't supportive of her career in the sex industry. Photo: Instagram
Aubrey's lucrative career has seen her earn hundreds of thousands and travel around the world. Photo: Instagram

For Aubrey, who once made $850,000 in one year doing escort work, while her kids accept what she does, it has taken a toll on her family life.

With her son is going through an “angry” phase and her daughter Chavonne struggling with it too, Aubrey claims she never quite fit into the stereotypical mum mould.

The mum has no intention of quitting the industry. Photo: Instagram

But while she feels guilty about not being at home more as her career flies her around the world, Aubrey is determined to make the most of the industry before her age affects her earning abilities.

“I don’t love it, but I am grateful for what it’s been able to provide financially for us,” she told the publication.

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